Culture In Tuscany

tuscan culture

Walk the Via Francigena in Tuscany

Embrace the Medieval spirit and walk the Via Francigena, retracing the steps of ancient pilgrims...

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Best Festivals in Tuscany

The best-known of all Festivals in Tuscany has to be Siena's Palio, but there are plenty more...

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Medici family for beginners

What you need to know about the Medici family, the dynasty that ruled first over Florence...

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San Galgano Abbey – Legendary ruins in the Sienese countryside

San Galgano is an atmospheric ruined Cistercian abbey immersed in the Tuscan countryside. Its Gothic...

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Medici family history, trivia and curiosities

The Medici dynasty included bankers and ruthless politicians. A multi-talented humanist, controversial popes, patrons of...

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Florence of Dante Alighieri, a 7 step itinerary

Discover the Florence of Dante Alighieri with our itinerary: from the place he was born...

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Giovanni di Bicci de Medici – The beginning of the Medici dynasty

Giovanni di Bicci de Medici was the first member of the Medici dynasty to accumulate...

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Montesiepi Chapel

Tuscany's own "Sword in the Stone". The Montesiepi Chapel is a quirky little church with...

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TOP 8 Churches in Tuscany outside Florence

Churches in Tuscany are home to some of the finest art and architecture in western...

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Top Things to do in Tuscany

Discover the top things to do in Tuscany right here. This useful check-list gives you the sights, activities, towns...

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Mad for Tuscan handicrafts

Bag some authentic Tuscan handicrafts. Quality handmade goods that have been produced in the same...

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Legend of the True Cross fresco cycle

Art critics don't agree on much, but the Legend of the True Cross by Piero...

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