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Tuscan Lifestyle

Cooking classes in Tuscany

Here we give you a few tips on what to look for in a cooking...

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The Aperitivo guide

The aperitivo tradition in Italy has a long and glorious past. But it's not all...

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Tuscany in the movies

Tuscany's landscape and soft mediterranean light make it the perfect location for film-makers. Its landscapes and...

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More love from Tuscany

Best Festivals in Tuscany

The best-known of all Festivals in Tuscany has to be Siena's Palio, but there are plenty more...

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How to order a coffee in Italy

If you've ever wondered how to order a coffee in Italy, first you need to know how...

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Best 10 small gifts from Florence

Looking for a few gifts from Florence to take home with you? Never fear. From leather goods...

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Top Things to do in Tuscany

Discover the top things to do in Tuscany right here. This useful check-list gives you the sights, activities, towns...

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