Autumn in Italy means gorgeous landscapes, cheaper deals, and seasonal food festivals around the peninsula. Fall is a great time to visit Italy, a time when landscapes dress up in Autumn colours and seasonal delicacies start to appear on tables.

Here we give you some of our favourite autumn spots in italy. All the magic of autumn colours can be experienced in Tuscany, or the Langhe in Piedmont, and the scenic valleys and lakes in the Alps. Autumn is also a great time to go in search of mushrooms, truffles and new wines. If you’re looking for an off-the-beaten-track culture trip, head to Turin or the Etruscan sites in central Italy. Or you can discover how lovely Sicily can be out of season.

Autumn in Italy – Top Trip Ideas

⇒ Good reasons to travel at this time include cheaper flights and very good accommodation deals, and even if you choose very popular destinations you won’t find the crowds of the Summer months. November is a good month to visit even the busiest cities, while less popular places are definitely quiet.

tuscany in autumn
Chianti region, Tuscany in Autumn

1. TUSCANY, enjoy autumn colours and food

Tuscany is one of the top Autumn destinations in Italy. All those idyllic landscapes of rolling hills lined with vineyards and olive groves give their best during fall. In October the vineyards are alive with all the autumnal red and orange hues. November is dedicated to olive picking, and all around the region you’ll find festivals that celebrate the new season.

You could take a road trip around the Chianti region to enjoy the fabulous landscapes of endless vineyards, and organise a visit to one of the many local cellars. Or take part in one of the local sagre (food festivals), from chestnut festivals on Mount Amiata to the Truffle Festival in Volterra.

Hiking in Tuscany is also a great way to experience the magic of autumn in Tuscany. Choose the Via Francigena, that takes in some wonderful countryside and Medieval hilltop towns, or Casentino, in Eastern Tuscany in the colourful National Park Foreste Casentinesi.

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Tuscany in autumn

2. The Langhe, land of the Barolo

For exceptional wine and wonderfully picturesque vineyards, head to the Langhe, the wine-growing region between Cuneo and Asti in Piedmont, northern Italy. Here world-renowned wines and food are an everyday affair. It’s a great pleasure to take a drive around this rich land and discover all its delights, from the panorama to the delights on the table, like cheeses and the famous truffles of Alba.

Head to Barolo, the town where the famous wine is produced, and enjoy marvellous views and wine tasting experiences. You can visit the Museo del Vino that reveals the tradition behind this mythical nectar, and visit the nearby Grinzane Cavour and its imposing castle.

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You could combine a trip to the Langhe with a visit to Turin, which is roughly an hour’s drive from the Langhe region. (1hour 10 minutes from Barolo). Turin is a charming city, home to superb architecture, elegant arcades and a variety of chic shops. Autumn is the perfect time to enjoy a hot chocolate at one of the historic cafes Turin is famous for.

Turin is a vital cultural hub, with a great Egyptian Museum – one of the most important in the world – some beautiful art museums, and the fun Cinema Museum inside the tall Mole Antonelliana, the unmissable landmark of the city.

Take a trip to the superb Baroque Basilica di Superga, which stands on a hill to the east of the city. Apart from the beauty of this edifice, another benefit of venturing up here is the amazing views over Turin, with the snow-topped Alps in the background.

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autumn in italy

4. Visit Italy’s Etruscan sites

Where to go in Autumn in Italy for ancient history? Easy. In Italy you can find a fascinating Etruscan necropolis that these people, who inhabited central Italy from the VII century BC, have left as testimony. These vast cities of the dead, that you’ll find between southern Tuscany and northern Lazio,  are fascinating reminders of this mysterious civilisation. 

Start from Sovana Archeological Park in Tuscany, one of the so-called “tufa towns”, where you also find the “Vie cave”, sunken road also excavated by the Etruscans. Tarquinia and Cerveteri are the most impressive of all the sites, and designated as UNESCO heritage sites. The frescoed tombs of the Tarquinia necropolis dug into the soft tufa are truly breathtaking, and a visit to the archeological museum will satisfy your craving for the ancient. The tombs date back from 7th to 1st century BC.

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sovana archeological park
Sovana Archeological Park

Di Sidvics – Opera propria, CC BY-SA 3.0, Collegamento

5. Trentino, the beauty of the Alps

Another idea for an autumn trip in Italy is to explore the stunning panoramas of Trentino. Unspoilt breathtaking nature, sporting opportunities, plenty of activities and accommodation facilities. You find beautiful lakes, such as the picturesque Levico or Tovel Lake, where you can admire the orange and yellow leaves of the trees mirrored in the lakes.

In Autumn the mountains take on an almost mystical atmosphere, and it’s the perfect time of year for visiting Trentino’s ancient castles nestled in the beautiful green valleys surrounded by high peaks. Hiking in the Dolomites rewards you with stunning natural scenery and plenty of fresh clean air.

The Fiemme Valley is the one of the most spectacular in the Dolomites mountain region. Food to try includes the traditional polenta, the delicious apple and traditional strudel made with the local apples. Ideal time: October to early November.

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autumn in italy

6. Exploring the treasures of Sicily

Once the Summer it’s over Sicily maintains mild temperatures and lovely sunny days. In October you can still enjoy some days at the beach, if it’s too cold for swimming you can still enjoy lovely walks and sun soaking. But what’s best is the fact that you can explore the island’s treasures in tranquillity.

From the stunning architecture of Palermo and its fabulous churches, the picturesque coastal gems of Taormina and Cefalù, to the white dream that is Ortigia, the peninsula surrounded by the sea that is the hub of the historic centre of Siracusa. Or you could drive to Agrigento for a close encounter with the ancient world. The Valley of the Temples is the most impressive complex of ancient Greek buildings outside of Greece.

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unesco sites in italy
Valley of the Temples – Image by Enzo Abramo on pixabay

What is the weather like in Italy in Autumn

Early Autumn is still very pleasant in Italy, though of course milder along the coast and in southern Italy, and a few degrees colder inland. The mountains are definitely the coldest areas. October is mild, with average temperatures of 15 (21 max – 9 min). while November gets colder and gets rainy, especially in central and northern Italy.In terms of what to wear, layers is the key.

In October you can still wear a lighter jacket during the day and have something warmer for the evening. From November onwards you definitely need a warm coat or down jacket and a woollen jumpers, as December gets properly cold.

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