Travelling is an important part of being a student. The fact is that young learners usually have plenty of time to explore new places, especially during weekends and holidays. However, choosing a student-friendly place to visit can often present something of a challenge. If you don’t know which city to choose for your next adventure, check out this list of the most popular student destinations in Europe below.

Rome – Image by Rainhard Wiesinger from Pixabay

Best Cities in Europe for Student Travel

Before You Start Planning Your Trip

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Best cities in Europe – Rome, Italy

Rome is an unforgettable city visited by millions of students each year. A place with unique architecture, plenty of monuments, magnificent buildings, fountains, and museums. This is a city where you can stay for weeks and months but still find something new and special. Most experienced travellers believe Rome is a city you need to see with your own eyes at least once.

For anyone interested in Italian art and culture, there are other cities in Italy that make good travel destination for students. If you’d like to study Italian, Florence is the top spot, with hundreds of language school and courses for all levels. And there’re many free attractions to see in Florence while you’re there. If you like the idea of a smaller city, Bologna and Pisa have wonderful historic Universities, plus they’re friendly and easy to navigate. And of course, being Italy, the food is top notch!

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best cities in europe for student travel
Rome – Image by Waldo Miguez from Pixabay

Krakow, Poland

There is nothing students like more than budget-friendly traveling. If you are not ready to spend thousands of dollars on your next journey but still enjoy your travel, Krakow might be just up your street. It has countless cheap accommodation options, while the price of tickets to most public places is pretty reasonable.

This Polish city is considered a student mecca, where over 150,000 students live, learn, and spend their free time. As a result, you will find countless places ready to welcome young learners from all over the world. Traveling solo? No worries! You will surely find plenty of new friends in Krakow, especially if you visit the hottest parties, cafes, and events for students.

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best cities in europe for student travel
Krakow – Image by Konrad Krajewski from Pixabay

Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon is top of the list for students who are fond of relaxing on sunny beaches and soaking up a little culture. If you would like to have some rest from the extreme learning pressure and enjoy the beauty of the Atlantic Ocean, Lisbon might become a real treasure for you.

The city has countless open-air areas, concerts, and public events that are extremely popular among students. You can also spend your time in numerous cafes, restaurants, museums, and nightclubs in Lisbon. You are guaranteed to find hundreds of new places to explore and learn something new during your vacation.

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best cities in europe for student travel
Lisbon – Image by Steffen Zimmermann from Pixabay

More Great Cities in Europe for student travel. Paris, Berlin, Barcelona & more

If you’re looking for some other fantastic places to visit in Europe, there are plenty of other cities to put on your bucket list.

You can choose Paris, with its infinite list of fascinating museums, international schools, cool cafés and bars. Or beautiful Barcelona – where you can sip a drink at one of the chiringuito (beach bars) in Barceloneta after a day of exploring the cities many sights.

Talking about cool bars and exciting nightlife, check out Amsterdam or Dublin, a city that has pubs at every corner and the music scene is forever green. Or, if you want to learn a bit of German, why not visit super cool and vibrant Berlin, one of Europe’s top cities for art and culture. Or elegant Vienna, historic capital of Austria. Prague is smaller but perfectly pretty, with great nightlife and still relatively cheap compared to other destinations.

It’s a good idea to explore the cheapest tickets from your local airport and plan your journey accordingly. Visiting many popular European destinations is affordable for students, so don’t hesitate to investigate the top tourist places. Traveling in Europe will provide you with tons of incredible emotions and unforgettable memories.

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Barcelona – Image by Alexandra from Pixabay

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