Need some ideas and inspiration to help you plan your trip to Tuscany this year? You’re in the right place. Here we take inspiration from the latest travel trends. We look at some hot new things you can’t miss. And we discover all the joys to be found in Tuscany in 2024. From old and new attractions, to charming ideas and unmissable events. So read on, and get our take on the top things to see and do in Tuscany in 2024.

Travelling TRENDS in 2024 => Travel out of season, out of the ordinary, with an eye to sustainability. Enjoy a slow rhythm of life, fresh food, embrace your adventurous spirit.

=> Discover why Tuscany has been chosen by Lonely Planet among the Top regions to visit in 2024.

Best Things to see and do in Tuscany in 2024

CULTURE DRIVEN TRIPS – Who were the Etruscans?

Culture buffs, this year don’t miss the chance to see some Etruscan artefacts and learn about these fascinating people, that inhabited central Italy since 9 century BC. At that time they were already producing wine on the Tuscan hills, building amazing walled cities and working metals with incredible skill. How do we know this? Because of the many findings in the Etruscan necropolis that dot the Tuscan territory, and that can be visited today, like Populonia, Sovana, Chiusdino archeological sites.

Admire their extraordinary artistic relics – stone urns, statuettes of people, animals and jewels – in one of the many museums: Museo Guarnacci in Volterra, the MAEC in Cortona, Florence Archeological Museum.

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Populonia Etruscan site

WANNABE ADVENTURERS – Explore the Apuan Alps

Tuscany might not have any unexplored jungle, but you can still inject some adventure into your visit. Take a trip to the Apuan Alps, and find ruggedly beautiful peaks that are white all year round because of the marble that is excavated here. The Apuan Alps run parallel to the coast, in northern Tuscany, offering amazing views from the top, from sea to mountain. You can descend into the belly of their caves: Grotta del Vento or Antro del Corchia, or hike the highest peaks.

Here is where Michelangelo used to come to choose the perfect slice of white marble that gave life to the Statue of David!

=> Visit Carrara and its museums, Colonnata and nearby Pietrasanta where Art reigns supreme.

LOVE YOUR HISTORY – Meet Cosimo I de’ Medici

2024 is the 450th anniversary of the death of the Grand Duke Cosimo I de’ Medici. The member of the Medici family who took power in Florence in 1537. Among other things he was friends with Emperors, enlarged his dominion in Tuscany, and give a new face lift to Florence’ s historic centre. Some examples? He’s responsible for the redecoration of Palazzo Vecchio, and the building of the Vasari Corridor that linked it to the newly bought Palazzo Pitti. Boboli Garden was planned as his private park to entertain kings and nobles.

You can meet him in Florence, in artworks that immortalised him => the bronze bust in the Bargello Museum, the impressive portrait by Bronzino at the Uffizi, the equestrian statue in piazza SS. Annunziata.


You might think that in a city that draws millions of visitors every year, and boasts world-famous attractions, it’s not easy to find something new. But if you’re prepared to get off the beaten track, you’ll find lesser-known places and smaller museums that are well worth a visit, but get often dwarfed by the ‘big names’, like the Uffizi or the Accademia.

Book an Uffizi & Accademia Guided Tour. It will save you lots of time and give you a better chance to enjoy this extraordinary art museum. With the time you save skipping the Uffizi queues, you can see one of these ‘minor’ museums that offer a more intimate experience of the city. Try contemporary sculpture at Marino Marini, San Marco Convent for delightful frescoes, Innocenti Museum for a piece of domestic Florentine history.

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Fantasy fans, this one is for you. Watch the intriguing “Luna Nera” (Dark Moon) Italian series on Netflix, appreciate the dark atmosphere and historic settings, and then visit the Medieval small town tufa town of Sorano, one of Tuscany’s most intriguing destinations. Some of the scenes were shot here, and the atmosphere is not far from fantastical.

The Medici are protagonists of the popular “Medici Masters of Florence” on Netflix since the first season came out in 2… => check out all the Medici series shooting locations if you’re a fan.

BE ONE WITH NATURE – Visit a nature reserve or park

In Tuscany we’re obsessive about protecting, and enjoying, nature. Here are a few ideas for anyone who wants a nature-inspired holiday this year: trekking in the Crete Senesi or Val d’Orcia, Unesco protected landscape that will fill your eyes and heart with peace (and reasons not to leave ever again!), cycling the strade bianche among vineyards, relaxing on the clear beaches of Uccellina Nature Park, or discovering the hidden locations in the Casentino Forests National Park.

top things to see and do in tuscany in 2024

COOKING IN STYLE – Learn to cook a traditional meal in a scenic location

In the land of delicious food and postcard-perfect landscapes, what could be better than combining the two things for the perfect day in Tuscany? This popular Cooking Class takes place on a farmhouse on the Florentine hills – While admiring the view you’ll learn to make two of Italy’s signature dishes: pizza and gelato. Includes a 3-course meal with wine or beer, and round-trip transportation from central Florence.

MUSIC-THEMED TRIP – Celebrating Giacomo Puccini

2024 marks the anniversary of the death of another famous Tuscan son, Giacomo Puccini. An itinerary that follows the steps of this beloved Italian composer is a must. Start in Lucca where the Maestro was born, visit Viareggio where he used to hang at Gran Caffè Margherita, and end up in Torre del Lago, where you can visit his Villa and attend a concert at the grand open-air Puccini Theatre. => Check out the full program on the official site.

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