The Cinque Terre National Park is one of the gems of Italy, close enough to Florence to make it a popular day-trip destination. A UNESCO World Heritage site its rugged coastline shelters five (hence ‘cinque’) brightly coloured little towns that cling to the terraced hillsides above the sea.

This area has been romanticised by poets and by Dante himself. Today it is a symbol of the traditional way of life in Italy and its relative isolation only adds to the charm. Part of the delight of spending time here is seeing the views of the town revealing themselves to you as you travel between them, surrounded by the sights and smell of the Mediterranean. You’ll enjoy this romantic stretch of coast with its steep terraces lined with vineyards and olive groves.

One great way to see this part of the Italian Riviera is with the Cinque Terre Day Trip from Florence organised by Ciao Florence. You’ll get a chance to experience the best of the Cinque Terre in a day, travelling comfortably with all the information you need supplied by helpful and knowledgeable tour guides that will go out of their way to make your day just perfect.

cinque terre day trip from Florence CiaoFlorence

Cinque Terre Day Tour with CiaoFlorence:

Going from Florence to Cinque Terre early in the morning by bus, you’ll be given extensive information about what you can expect to see when you arrive, and the best way to enjoy it all. The bus will arrive in Riomaggiore and after having some time to explore, you’ll travel between the other towns either by train or boat.

During the day you’ll have plenty of opportunity to enjoy the many delights of Riomaggiore, Manarola, Monterosso and Vernazza at your own pace, and breathe in their unique atmosphere.

cinque terre day trip from Florence CiaoFlorence

Seeing the coastline by boat (weather permitting!) is one of the highlights of this tour as it gives you a chance to see the views of these incredible towns from the best vantage point of all – the sea.

Riomaggiore is the easternmost town and the first stop on the Cinque Terre you find on the way from Florence. A romantic spot with a tiny harbour, typical pastel coloured houses and a main street, Via Colombo, where you can find numerous bars and little shops.

Next you get to the historic fishing village of Manarola, the second smallest and oldest of the towns. Its cobbled streets and alleys are full of artisan shops and eateries, and the town is well-known for its production of wine. The famous Via dell’Amore links Riomaggiore with Manarola, though at the time of writing this scenic pathway is unfortunately closed.

Vernazza was an important harbour during the middle ages and its beautiful tower houses and architecture are sure to conquer your heart. With its narrow lanes, its seaside square and stunning views of the sea, this is one of the highlights of the Cinque Terre.

These villages are all tiny and easy to navigate. One of the highlights are the “caruggi” or narrow alleyways between houses that are typical of Liguria.

Monterosso is the westernmost town and is the biggest and most lively, with the only sand beach in the Cinque Terre. It is surrounded by lush vegetation and famous for its lemon trees. (While you’re there order some Monterosso anchovies and a glass of Sciacchetrá – a sweet wine passito that is locally produced).

cinque terre day trip from Florence CiaoFlorence


You’ll be doing a bit of walking up steep streets and stairs, especially if you want to get to the high points where the views are at their best. So it’s good to wear comfortable shoes, and if you go in summer don’t forget your hat and swimming costume. A dip in the Mediterranean will be a welcome way to finish off this trip, before the bus takes you back to Florence.

cinque terre day trip from Florence CiaoFlorence

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