Would you like to enjoy a real Tuscan meal at home? It’s easy enough with Passione Toscana, the online delicatessen that selects prime Tuscan food from local producers and promptly delivers them to your table. Your mouthwatering Tuscan meal is only a click away! And the best part is, you’ll get a 10% discount => just use LOVE FROM TUSCANY as a Coupon Code when ordering 🙂

Your Tuscan meal with Passione Toscana

A traditional starter

How to start? Simple. With’Crostini Toscani‘. It doesn’t get more Tuscan than this. Cut and lightly toast some thin slices of bread (better if unsalted, that’s how we eat it in Tuscany), then wet them on one side with a little hot broth. Next, spread the paste on the dry side of the crostino. The paste is made with chicken liver, anchovies and capers. This Crostino Toscano Le Macchie Alte is made using a traditional recipe by an organic farm in the Maremma, it couldn’t get more authentic than this.

And why not try some Lardo, the famous cured pork fatback from Tuscany. Finely sliced, it melts on the warm bread. Delicately sinful.

If you’d rather try something from the vegetable garden, slather your toasted bread with some Artichoke Cream Sauce, a unique taste that transports you into a Tuscan ‘orto’.

And now, a plate of delicious Tuscan style pasta

Pasta is an important part of any Italian, and of course, any Tuscan meal. Nutritious and healthy, the pasta that you find in Passione Toscana is produced by Tuscan farmers using ancient grain wheat ( like Senatore Cappelli), following old traditional methods. You have a choice of fusilli, spaghetti, penne, egg tagliatelle and much more.

Artisanal pasta is heavenly with the choice of sauces that come out of the Tuscan kitchen: from traditional meat ragout to sugo all’aglione (a variety of garlic which is delicate and very prized), and the ultra Tuscan wild boar sauce. If that’s not your thing, try a simple but delicious tomato sauce made with fragrant tomatoes grown under the Tuscan sun.

And if you prefer rice

Go for the organic rice grown in the natural fields of southern Tuscany. Here you’ll find Carnaroli and Arborio rice that make the basis of delicious risotti. Risotto with mushrooms, gorgonzola cheese, pumpkin, artichokes anyone? If you don’t have the time to prepare that, here’s even an easy-to-cook ‘Risotto Pronto’ with truffle, lemons, mushrooms and saffron. Just choose your favourite one in the ‘Rice section’ of their site!

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Food Box by Passione Toscana: get a Tuscan meal at home!

Tuscan meal and ‘affettati’, a real treat

The cured meats (affettati) produced in Tuscany are one of the region’s top products. The variety is astonishing – Finocchiona, Prosciutto, Salame, Lardo, Capocollo just to mention a few – and the quality is prized worldwide, thanks also to the famous Cinta Senese.

Cinta Senese is an ancient breed of pigs raised in central Tuscany, in the Siena province, famous for its quality and taste. Passione Toscana selects its products from organic farms like Le Fontanelle near Chianciano Terme, that specializes in the “wild” breeding of Cinta Senese pigs.

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Don’t forget the pecorino cheese

Pecorino cheese regularly makes an appearance on Tuscan tables. At the beginning of a meal or at the end, a slice of pecorino goes well with pear, honey or jam, fresh vegetables or on its own. Heavenly morsels to taste with a glass of local wine. The great selection from Passione Toscana will allow you to choose your favourite from a choice of semi-cured and aged (stagionato) cheeses from local producers that use only traditional methods and the utmost care.

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Finally, a dessert in sweet Tuscan style

Cantuccini are a favourite Tuscan biscuit. Just the thing to offer to a guest at the end of a meal, preferably with Vinsanto. Dry and crunchy, the origin of their recipe is lost to history, but the humble Cantuccino was rediscovered and in the 19th century by a pasticciere from Prato. Almonds are the traditional basis of these crunchy biscuits, but today you also find them enriched with dried fruit and chocolate bits.

If you’d like to add something a little Christmasy, try the panforte, a flat cake made with spices and dried fruits. Or, for something very unique, you could choose the cake created by Pasticceria Bonci in Montevarchi. A sweet made of dried fruit, chocolate drops, scented with Tuscan spices, fresh butter and enriched with a delicious coating of dark chocolate and pistachios.

For the sweet tooths among us, Passione Toscana also offers a range of jams – and the sweet fig, and wild blackberry are not to be missed!

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Wines from the Tuscan cellars

And of course, a Tuscan meal wouldn’t be complete without a glass (of two) of a local wine to go with it. This region is known to be an excellent terroir where many famous wines are born and bred.

The choice is vast: red Tuscan wines like Chianti, Morellino di Scansano, Brunello di Montalcino that offer the Sangiovese grape (variety) the chance to shine, or a refreshing white wine made in Maremma. Browse the wine catalogue and choose the perfect match for your Tuscan meal… Buon appetito!

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