The third season of the Medici series has been recently released on Netflix with the title “Medici, The Magnificent part two”, with new 8 episodes. The creator Frank Spotnitz has promised a ‘much darker’ story, and we can’t wait to see what Lorenzo de’ Medici has been up to.


The story is once again focused around Lorenzo de’Medici, protagonist of the acclaimed second season. A strong and resourceful man who though he’d lost a lot, had not lost his grip. The series follows Lorenzo’s reaction and vengeance after the brutal killing of his brother Giuliano that happened at the end of the second series, and unveils new characters, some new friends and many new enemies.

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Medici series season 3 | What can you expect?

Season 3 resumes after the Pazzi Conspiracy , the event that wrought havoc within the Medici family. Giuliano de’ Medici has been brutally murdered, and Lorenzo is seeking revenge against Riario and Pope Sisto IV, who is still doing his best to destroy the Medici.

To make things harder, Lorenzo also has to face the growing discontent of Florence’s citizens, who find their inspiration in the religious leader Girolamo Savonarola. This preacher-friar is a real character from history who took power in Florence in 1494, proclaiming a ‘popular’ republic that was in opposition to the tyrannies of the rich.

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But it’s not all gloom and doom. We see Lorenzo falling in love once more with a beautiful noblewoman, Ippolita Sforza, the daughter of the Duke of Milan. (Is this purely fictional? The two did in fact meet in reality, and exchanged some letters, and she helped him with some political move.)

And we’re going to meet Giulio, the illegitimate son of Giuliano de’ Medici. His lover (in reality called Fioretta Gorini) was pregnant at the time of his assassination, and gave birth to a boy, who was adopted and raised by Lorenzo.

Despite all his troubles, Lorenzo’s love for art lives on. The Medici family financed the work of famous artists such as Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci, who make an appearance in season 3 of the Medici.

After all, a story about the Medici family wouldn’t do them justice if it didn’t feature their role as patrons of the art, as they contributed to make Florence into the ‘city of the Renaissance’ we love today.

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Filming locations in Italy

As in the previous season, this season is filmed in central Italy: Lazio, Florence and various locations in Tuscany, towns like Volterra Montepulciano and Pienza that have maintained an almost unadulterated look since Renaissance times.

The beauty of Renaissance Italy is brought to the screen once again, showing charming locations and fabulous palaces.

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Cast – Old friends and new faces in the Medici series season 3

Daniel Sherman plays Lorenzo de’ Medici, reportedly enduring hours of make-up so as to look older. (The story follows Lorenzo until his death).

The Italian actress who played his lover in the second season, Alessandra Mastronardi makes a return, while Aurora Ruffino plays his sister Bianca.

Fans of Bradley James will see Giuliano again in some flashbacks.

Leonardo da Vinci is played by Irish actor Stephen Hagan, who is said to have taken this role very seriously. “I went to visit Leonardo’s home town Vinci to get some insights about this character”, he said.

Many are the Italian actors playing in the Medici series season 3: the Dominican friar Girolamo Savonarola is brought to the screen by Francesco Montanari (famous for his role in Romanzo Criminale), and Pope Innocenzo II by Neri Marcorè.

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