Planning a wedding in Italy is no mean feat; there are so many details to consider, obviously the biggest being the date and how you will get everyone over. Whether you choose iconic Rome, Venice, the scenic Amalfi Coast, or an ancient church in Tuscany‘s countryside, you should ensure you tell everyone your plans as early as possible.

Some people may not be able to come over for one reason or another, but you can inform your guests of your plans via a save-the-date card. Save the dates are an elegant tradition that helps make your guests feel more a part of your big day and ensures that they don’t double book themselves! If you’re planning a wedding over Italy, then these cards will be essential.

Tuscany’s countryside – Image by Nicola Pezzatini from Pixabay

Planning your wedding in Italy: Organising your save-the-date cards

Are save the date cards necessary?

While save the dates are not necessary for most weddings, they will be crucial for weddings abroad, such as in Italy. The good news is that save the dates are often included in the price of invitations too. It often make sense to send them out early. They should go out in advance – even before the invitations to ensure that your guests do not accidentally make plans which will make it more difficult for them to attend your wedding. Because your wedding will be abroad in Italy, it will be in your best interest to gauge interest early and secure RSVPs

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Which guests should receive a save the date?

Before you start sending out save the dates for your Italian wedding, you obviously need a guest list in mind. Traditionally, only guests who are going to be invited to both the ceremony and the reception will receive a save the date in advance. However, as this is a wedding in Italy, you will likely invite people over for the entire weekend, rather than having a separate ceremony and reception list.

Traditionally, save the dates are sent out asap. Most people send them as soon as they have secured a date and booked the venue. A lot of people send them out any time between a year and six months before the big day. As you are getting married in Italy, a year in advance may be best, so that everyone has time to plan and budget. This ensures that all guests will have ample time to book time off of work, make any necessary travel arrangements and secure childcare if necessary. 

Finally, when it comes to sending out save the dates, you often only send out one per household as opposed to sending them out to all guests individually. It is always best to over-order when it comes to purchasing your wedding stationery. When working out a number, you should always add an additional 10 or 20 cards to that so that you have enough spares. It is also usually cheaper to simply order extra than it is to place a second order should you not have enough. 

What goes on a save the date card?

Working out the save-the-date wording on your cards can pose a little bit of a challenge for those who aren’t sure what to include. Greenvelope has a great guide on what you should include on your save-the-dates. For the most part, save the dates are pretty scarce when it comes to information. This is because the actual wedding invite will have all of the necessary information. In general, it usually includes the names of those getting married, the date of the wedding and occasionally it, will also mention the venue too. In this case, you may need to list hotel and flight information because you’re getting married in Italy

How about some design tips?

When designing your save the date, there are several things that you will need to consider; firstly, you should think about the design style that you have chosen for your wedding overall. Are you thinking of having a more glamorous or rustic, or bohemian wedding? You may even be going for a Riviera vibe for your Italian wedding. Have you chosen any design elements or a color scheme yet? Ideally, you should incorporate these themes if possible. However, if you haven’t made those choices yet, then your save-the-dates could act as a stand-alone design choice. 

Most people choose to send out save-the-dates that will mimic the invitations. They tend to be small note cards. However, you could choose to do something a little more unique if you have the budget and the inclination. A wedding in Italy is quite unique, so you have a lot to work with in this regard. Some people go for postcards, magnets, a video file or even have the information printed on miniature bottles of booze.

Getting married in Rome – Image by user32212 from Pixabay

Best time for a wedding in Italy

When you’re planning your wedding in Italy, you should consider that Spring and Autumn might be ideal. May and June is when nature is at its most verdant, temperatures are still not too high, a great time to have a wedding in the romantic countryside of Tuscany or in Florence. September and October are also good months, and October can still be warm especially in the South of Italy.

Planning a wedding in Italy requires a lot of work, but this article has hopefully given you a few ideas, and helped you understand more about how to use save-the-date cards. Remember, your save-the-dates will be the first snippet of information your guests will get; they often act as a first look to communicate little hints about where you will go with your wedding day. Many people have responsibilities and obligations that impact their day-to-day life, which is why they need as much notice as possible. 

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