If Tuscany inspires you, why not give that inspiration as a gift?  We’ve hand-picked a collection of gifts that are all inspired by this special region. A place where everything from a panoramic view to a cup of espresso is capable of sending your sensations into overdrive.

Here you’ll find everything from genuine olive wood chopping boards to leather wallets, classic perfumes to espresso makers – gifts that are synonymous with Tuscany and Italian design. Take a trip though our collection and find something that appeals to the Italian in you.

Gifts inspired by Tuscany for under €50

Olive Wood Chopping Board

Food is central to life in Tuscany and Italy, and for anyone who appreciates it, a proper chopping board is a must. In Tuscany the humble olive produces a hardy and resistant wood that makes perfect working boards, with beautiful patterns in the grain. No kitchen would be complete without it.

Olive wood chopping board

Aqua di Bolgheri 

Bolgheri is a town near the Etruscan coast that is synonymous with some of Tuscany’s finest wines. It also home to a very special cosmetic company that produce an elegant line of perfumes and body lotions. Containing natural ingredients from olive oil to medicinal Tuscan herbs, a gift from this label makes for a distinguished and thoughtful gift.

Acqua di Bolgheri Body Lotion

Artisan soap from Florence

Made in Figlino Val d’Arno near Florence this soap collection is made with the top quality raw material that leaves skin moisturised and pleasantly scented. It’s created recent production processes respecting the traditional values of the land from which it comes. Made with natural glycerine and no artificial colourings. Each bar is beautifully presented in a gift box. We love the lemon soap – who wouldn’t?

Artisan Soap from Florence

A view of Tuscany

Give the ultimate view of Tuscany. This printed canvas of Tuscany is better than any photo you can bring home with you, and it captures all the beauty and diversity of the famous Tuscan landscape. Size 24″ x 36″. Canvas stretches and stapled to durable shrink-resistant frames. Hanging kit is included.

A view of Tuscany on canvas

Vespa metal poster

The famous Vespa scooters are produced in Pontedera in Tuscany. It’s an iconic piece of Tuscan heritage and a piece of timeless design. These metal wall plaques are a piece of memorabilia that any Vespa fan would be proud to display.

Leather wallet

Everyone wants to buy genuine leather products from Florence. At the market in San Lorenzo you can get everything from leather jackets to leather belts and wallets, all made in the finest Italian leather. If you don’t have that luxury, this could be the next best thing. A small pocket credit card holder, made in Italy in genuine leather, bearing the famous Florentine “Giglio” on the front. Done.

Florence leather goods

Bialetti Mocha Espresso Maker

You’ll find an espresso maker in every Italian home, bubbling away every morning for the first caffe. Alfonso Bialetti opened his first workshop in 1933, and for almost a hundred years it has been the standard of coffee making reliability. A functional, yet revolutionary invention, it speaks of a time and age where Italian design was spreading around the world. Made in Italy, suitable for 3 cups. Crafted from aluminium and plastic.

Bialetti Espresso Maker

⇒ How to make a cup of coffee using a mocha: Simply fill the bottom half with water as high as the pressure valve. Then fill the inner container with coffee and give it a little tap (the more compact it is the stronger it’ll be). Then screw on the upper part of the mocha, place the Espresso maker on the hob, and bring the water to boil. You’ll know it’s ready when you hear the bubbling.