Every year in February the spirit of Carnival livens up Italy. It brings multicoloured costumes, eye-popping spectacle and a bit of fun and folly. In Tuscany we get a good share of this, as many towns organise floats and all sorts of parties with people dressing up in fancy costumes. Here we show you the best places in Tuscany to soak up the crazy Carnival mood and experience carnival in true Tuscan style.

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Viareggio – The king of Carnivals in Tuscany, Italy

The town of Viareggio on the Versilia coast has been organising one of the most spectacular carnivals in Italy for 150 years. Every Saturday or Sunday in February and on shrove Tuesday this seaside resort turns into a wondrous theatre set, with huge allegorical floats parading along the sea front. There’s a sea of people, colours, music costumes and all sorts of fun to be had.

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The float parades happen every Saturday or Sunday afternoon in February and during the weekend nights the party carries on with concerts along the streets and squares of Viareggio. People of all ages wear zany costumes and everywhere you walk a constant shower of confetti and party poppers. Humour and irreverence are part and parcel of the Viareggio Carnival. The floats themselves often take a satirical poke at politics and celebrities, and are accompanied by groups of dancers. each playing their own very music. Loud, mad and crowded.

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viareggio carnival
Viareggio Carnival – photo @aleperini on pixabay

When: The Carnival period is over the 40 days before Lent (70 days before Easter) – in 2024 the first parade is on 3rd February at 3pm, then Sunday 11th February (3pm), Tuesday 13th February (3pm), Sunday 18th, Saturday 24th February 2024.

How to get there: Direct train from Florence or Pisa. You can check updates and book tickets online from the official site.

Other towns where you can enjoy Carnival in Tuscany, Italy


On a smaller scale, Foiano della Chiana has a very famous and ancient carnival. Beautiful floats with dancers, street band-concerts and artists, jugglers and various shows animate the street of this small town near Cortona in Eastern Tuscany.

They claim to have one of the most ancient carnival traditions in Italy, as there are documents from the 16th century that mention this important festival. Great floats compete with each other for originality and craft. A giant puppet, the Re Giocondo (literally “joyful king)  opens the parade, and on the last day of the festival it ends its days in a giant fire to celebrate the end of winter.

When: every Sunday from 28th January to 25th February 2024 – Full program on the official site.

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tuscany carnivals
Foiano della Chiana Carnival
By PMMOwn work, CC BY-SA 4.0, Link


A colourful party popular with kids, is hosted in San Gimignano during February. The famous town of the towers, known as the “Manhattan of the Middle Ages” embraces the festive feel of Carnival with plenty of lively events: animation for children, music and fancy-dress costumes. It’s a smaller scale affair, with a lovely atmosphere and a chance to see the scenic San Gimignano dressed up in Carnival finery.

When: every Sunday from 28th January to 25th February 2024

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This small town near Arezzo organises a very special Carnival festival every year, that has ancient roots. The “Carnevale dei figli d Bocco” shows off some beautifully crafted masks and delightfully elegant costumes. More than two hundred ‘extras’ – people dressed up in gorgeous Baroque-style costumes walk around the city’s historic centre – creating a timeless and dreamy atmosphere. It’s a real feast for the eyes, and these refined costumes and masks pose along the narrow streets of Castiglion Fibocchi reminiscent of the most famous Venice’s carnival.

When: usually 1st and 2nd weekend of Carnival – this year 27-28th January and 3rd-4th February 2024.

tuscany carnivals
photo @nefer78 on pixabay

FOLLONICA – The biggest Carnival party in the Maremma

Another seaside location for a great parade of floats along the seafront promenade. Follonica is a seaside resort in the Maremma, near Grosseto, very popular with families. Since the 1950’s every year in February the town has been devotedly organising the “Carnevale Follonichese”, which boasts allegorical floats, costume competitions, music concerts and plenty of events for children and grown-ups. On the last day of the festival a giant papier-mâché mask makes the rounds – the king of the Carnival  – who is burned on the beach near Piazza XXV Aprile.

When: usually every weekend in February- for more information see the official site.

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