Tuscany points of interest include unforgettable landscapes, idyllic countryside, some of Europe’s most beautiful cities, and museums filled with world-famous Medieval and Renaissance art. Not to mention incredible food and top quality wines.

Have you chosen Tuscany for your next holiday? Are you planning a trip to the most rewarding destination in Italy? Or do you just want to know a bit more about this much loved region? You’ve come to the right place. Let’s talk Tuscany.

Tuscany points of interest. What to expect on your trip

See picture perfect landscapes

Relaxing views, rolling hills and tranquil valleys. Perfectly combed vineyards, silvery olive groves and breathtaking sunsets. The countryside of Chianti and Val d’Orcia are some of the most beautiful in the world, praised by poets and painters.

You have white marble mountains and verdant forests in the north of Tuscany, long stretches of unspoiled beaches in the south. If you’re a photographer, you’re in for a treat.

Discover top cities in Tuscany

Florence is the obvious first stop on a Tuscany itinerary, the Renaissance city par excellence. Siena is a Medieval gem with a fabulous square and cathedral. Pisa offers you the justly famous Square of Miracles, and Lucca’s city walls guard its beautiful churches and squares.

Tuscany points of interest

Mind-blowing architecture

Pisa’s Leaning Tower is just one of the treats that await you. You’ll see the world famous Dome of Florence Cathedral, awe-inspiring work by revolutionary architect Brunelleschi, and the Gothic glories of Siena Cathedral. There are churches of every description, Renaissance villas and gardens, Medieval buildings and castles. Enough architectural beauty to last you for a lifetime.

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tuscany points of interest

Enchanting Medieval hilltop towns

Step back in time in one of the Medieval towns and villages, still perfectly preserved, like San Gimignano and Cortona, or take in the Renaissance perfection of Pienza. There are plenty of picturesque squares, hidden corners, cobbled lanes and evocative details to discover and capture on camera in even the smallest hilltop hamlet.

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Admire outstanding artistic masterpieces

Discover the artistic legacies left behind by Tuscany’s famous sons, from Michelangelo and Leonardo,to Botticelli and Piero della Francesca. Visit one of most famous museums in the world, the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, and discover an astonishing range of frescoes and other art work all around the region.

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Dine on top food and cult wines

In Tuscany you expect top-notch, locally sourced food, friendly hospitality and plenty of local specialities. Tuscan food is diverse and some famous dishes are only made in a single town. Pici from Siena. Lardo from Colonnata. Cacciucco fish soup from Livorno. When you taste them in their birthplaces, it’ll make the experience that much more authentic.

Wine is definitely among the Tuscany points of interest. The renowned Chianti is the king of Tuscan wines, but there’s a lot more to discover. Wine tasting is one of the special experiences to be had on a holiday in Tuscany. Treat yourself like royalty with a glass of Brunello di Montalcino or one of the exclusive Super Tuscans. You won’t regret it.

tuscany points of interest

Shop Italian brands and local art crafts

Florence has some of the most exclusive shops and popular outlets in Italy. It’s a shopping mecca, and you can get anything from a Gucci handbag to a cheap and fun souvenir in one of the markets. San Lorenzo Market and the Santa Croce district are the places to head to for leather goods of all sorts.

In Tuscany there’s still a real appreciation for ‘local‘. Artisans have been working with the same material from the same places for centuries: leather in Florence, terracotta from Impruneta, alabaster in Volterra, or the white marble from the Apuan Alps. Find out about the best things to buy during your Tuscan trip.

tuscany points of interest