Tuscany in February has more going for it than you might think. The Christmas holidays are already a faint memory. The air is crisp and cold, and carries with it the promise of snow. Days are shorter and somehow quieter, but everywhere around the region people are getting ready to celebrate the traditional Carnival, with colourful floats and delicious sweet treats. Could it be the perfect time for a trip to Tuscany?

Tuscany without crowds

Tuscany can get busy in high season. So the absence of crowds is the first and more obvious benefit of visiting Tuscany in winter. The Christmas period is usually very busy, especially in bigger cities like Florence.

But once the festive season is over and the crowds depart, the towns of Tuscany enjoy a period of quieter tranquility. The queues outside Florence’s museums get shorter, and you can enjoy the region’s main sights in a more relaxed atmosphere.

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Where should I travel to in February?

Florence and Siena are perfect destinations for february. All the attractions and restaurants stay open all year around, and offer better deals during quieter periods. Smaller but still popular Medieval towns like San Gimignano, Volterra and Cortona can also be very rewarding as the atmosphere is somehow enhanced during winter months.

Bear in mind that it can get pretty cold and it’s better to check weather forecasts before travelling. Other areas that are more out of the way, can be very quiet in February. For winter sports your best bets are Mount Abetone near Pistoia, and Mount Amiata in southern Tuscany. If you are in the mood for the euphoric Carnival party, head to Viareggio on the Versilia coast.

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Tuscany in february
San Gimignano – Image by Makalu from Pixabay

Tuscany in February – what’s the weather like?

If you travel by car remember you are obliged to carry snow chains with you. Temperatures drop at night, but days can often be clear and pleasant. Expect some rain. Temperatures rise slightly towards the end of the month.

Good accommodation deals and Sales!

Hotels are ready to attract guests by offering special deals in late January and February, even in Florence. So you can save a bit on accommodation and have more money for shopping. Considering that the sales are on it can’t be a bad thing.

In all shops in Florence and in the Outlets the sales usually begin the second week of January and carry on throughout February. If there’s a chance of a good deal, you’ll find it now.

winter in tuscany
A view of the Val d’Orcia – Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

The countryside turns on the magic

Misty mornings, frost on the fields, snow in the air. There’s something charming and mysterious about the Tuscan countryside in winter. The smell of fires being lit, the comfort of a fire place and a glass of Chianti wine. You need to be prepared for the cold of course – those characteristic villas and country houses can get quite chilly. Take sturdy footwear if you want to go walking, you’ll be rewarded with some very magical views.

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tuscany in february

Winter treats

Some of the more typical Tuscan dishes are perfect for the cold weather. There are rich soups like ribollita, made with cabbage and beans, or the different cuts of meat like the famous Bistecca alla Fiorentina or delicious meat stews like Peposo dell’Impruneta.

If you have a sweet tooth, February is your month. It’s Carnival time and irresistible treats start popping up in bakeries and pasticcerie. There are frittelle (fritters made with rice or semolino), cenci (fried dough with powdered sugar on the top) and schiacciata alla fiorentina (light, soft, vanilla flavoured cake). You’ll find them in most areas of Tuscany with variations.

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