One of the great pleasures of going to Tuscany, is seeing its beautiful squares. These are places steeped in history and ancient traditions. Home to architectural wonders that have been delighting visitors for centuries. But which are the ones you definitely shouldn’t miss?

10 Most Beautiful Squares to visit in Tuscany

1. Piazza dei Miracoli, Square of Miracles in Pisa – Where miracles happen

When it comes to the most magnificent squares in Tuscany, the Oscar goes to Piazza dei Miracoli in Pisa. In terms of artistic and architectural relevance, uniqueness and splendour, Pisa’s Square of Miracles doesn’t have any rivals. It’s a magical ensemble of monuments, a profusion of marble and decorations. With the iconic Leaning Tower to remind everybody that imperfection can be a blessing.

most beautiful squares to see in tuscany

2. Piazza Signoria, Florence – Where history meets beauty

Dominated by the handsome Palazzo Vecchio, Piazza Signoria has been the political core of Florence for seven centuries. This is the place where the action was, where the priori, and later the Medici family, organised their government. Today the ‘Old Palace’ offers a series of interesting tours that delve into the city’s history. => Check out the fun Palazzo Vecchio Secret Passages Tour, a truly unique experience!

In Piazza Signoria, one of Tuscany’s top squares, you can also admire the marble fountains, the copy of the David, and above all, be enchanted by the collection of statues under the Loggia dei Lanzi – a real open-air sculpture gallery.

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Piazza Signoria Florence – Photo pixabay @karkandmimi

3. Piazza del Campo, Siena – The most beautiful Medieval Square in Tuscany

Piazza del Campo in Siena is a Medieval marvel. Famous all over the world thanks to the Palio, the historic horse race that takes place in this shell-shaped square twice a year. Piazza del Campo is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful squares to visit in Tuscany, a stunning example of Medieval civil architecture, and a Unesco World Heritage site. It’s the true heart of Siena, representing its history and traditions that are still very much alive.

Piazza del Campo, Siena

4. Piazza Grande, Arezzo – One of the most beautiful squares in Tuscany

Piazza Grande in Arezzo is the beautiful square featured in the Oscar-winning film “Life is beautiful”. It boasts an incredible array of monuments, a Romanesque church and elegant loggias designed by Vasari, the Medicean architect and artist that was born right here in Arezzo. In this vast space at the heart of Arezzo an Antique Fair is held every month, and once a year you can travel back in time at the Medieval Festival Giostra del Saracino.

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Piazza Grande, Arezzo

5. Piazza della Cisterna, San Gimignano – A little stone heaven

San Gimignano is one of the highlights of a visit to Tuscany. And if the lovely Piazza della Cisterna might lack artistic excellence, it makes up for it with its visual appeal. It’s a quaint, stone paradise, flanked with tower houses that date back to the 13th century. Suggestive and pretty to a fault. Here you find the award-winning gelateria Dondoli, and countless photogenic spots to capture with your camera.

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6. Piazza Anfiteatro, Lucca – Is this the ultimate Italian square?

As its name suggests, this square used to be an amphitheater. Today Piazza Anfiteatro in the historic centre of Lucca is a tourist mecca, flanked by shops and open-air restaurants that offer the chance to dine in one of Tuscany’s most beautiful squares. The pastel-coloured houses form a perfectly oval shape. If you walk around it on the outside you’ll be able to spot the remains of the ancient Roman amphitheatre.

PIazza Anfiteatro Lucca – Image by Saverio Giusti from Pixabay

7. Piazza dei Priori, Volterra – Medieval beauty

Another of the most stunning Medieval squares in Tuscany is found in Volterra. A hilltop town with an Etruscan past, Volterra offers its visitors a significant collection of Etruscan urns and objects at the Guernacci Museum, and a perfectly preserved historic centre, at whose heart is the elegant Piazza dei Priori. The 13th century Priori Palace dominates the scene, and surely deserves a visit. The setting for many events throughout the year, this square is a witness to the town’s long and fascinating history.

8. Piazza Duomo in Pienza – The ideal square in Tuscany

Pienza is Tuscany’s ‘ideal city’. It was rebuilt in the Renaissance, according to the principle of Humanist philosophy: a city should offer beauty, architectural proportions and good living. And the lovely Piazza del Duomo is a precise – if small – example of how the space needed to be distributed to convey perfect harmony.

As a plus, Pienza is located right at the heart of one of Tuscany’s most scenic areas, the Val d’Orcia.

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Piazza Duomo, Pienza

9. Massa Marittima, Cathedral Square – Go off-the-beaten track

Massa Marittima is less renowned than other Medieval hilltop towns in Tuscany, but it’s surely worth a visit. Especially for the wonderful Piazza del Duomo, dominated by the Romanesque Cathedral of San Cerbone. You can spend some time at one of the open-air tables in the square, enjoying the array of Medieval buildings and the relaxing atmosphere of this friendly town. And of course, the Maremma coast is only twenty minute away.

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Piazza Duomo, Massa Marittima

9. Pietrasanta , Piazza Duomo – The Art of sculpture

Pietrasanta is another small town in Tuscany often left off the main tourist trails. It has an elegant Cathedral Square, often the setting of contemporary art installations. The town of Pietrasanta is completely dedicated to the art of sculpture, being very close to the Apuan Alps, where artists for centuries (notably Michelangelo!) have been choosing just the right piece of white marble for their creations. In this wonderful square you can visit the Duomo, and the Sant’Agostino Church and Cloister, that hosts the Museo dei Bozzetti – the perfect place to learn more about the art of sculpture.

pietrasanta italy
Piazza Duomo, Pietrasanta