Planning a special weekend in Florence? Thinking romantic, but not cheesy? Here are our eight ideas that are perfect for surprising your partner. Get inspired and make your Italian weekend truly unforgettable!

8 Ideas for A Romantic Weekend In Florence

1. Sunset at Piazzale Michelangelo

Walk up to Piazzale Michelangelo as the sun starts to dip. The climb might leave you a bit breathless, but the view? It’s worth every step. Florence spreads out below you like a Renaissance painting.

Grab a bench, open up that picnic basket with some local cheese and bread you picked up from a market. Don’t forget a bottle of Chianti. As the sky turns orange and pink, you’re in for one of the best sunsets ever. It’s chill, beautiful, and oh-so romantic. Rent a luxury car at to explore the city after sunset.

florence in february
Florence view from Piazzale Michelangelo

2. Stroll Through Boboli Gardens

Boboli is a living museum. Go in the afternoon when the light is perfect. Wander past sculptures, fountains, and manicured hedges. Find a lovely hidden spot that’s both quiet and romantic — a secluded garden or a pond. It’s the perfect place to just be together, away from the buzz of the city.

3. Wine Tasting in Chianti

Chianti is only a short drive from Florence but feels worlds away. Those rolling hills and vineyards? Straight out of a postcard. Book a wine tour — some even pick you up from Florence.

You’ll hop from one vineyard to another, tasting some incredible wines. Many places pair the tastings with a small meal, so you get to eat and drink the local way. It’s relaxed, scenic, and a little boozy — in a good way.

4. Romantic Dinner in Oltrarno

For dinner, skip the tourist traps. Head to Oltrarno. It’s more laid-back here, with artisan shops and tiny restaurants. Find a place with tables outside and order the bistecca alla fiorentina — it’s a Florentine must-try. Pair it with a glass of Tuscan red, and just soak up the vibe of this cool, artsy part of Florence.

5. Art Tour at the Uffizi Gallery

The Uffizi Gallery is massive, so don’t try to see it all. Pick a few famous pieces you both love. Standing in front of Botticelli’s “Birth of Venus” or Da Vinci’s “Annunciation,” talking about what you see and feel, can be surprisingly intimate.

6. Couples’ Cooking Class

A cooking class here is so much fun. You’ll find a bunch of places offering to teach you how to make pasta or pizza from scratch. It’s hands-on, you get to laugh, make mistakes, and then enjoy what you’ve cooked. It’s a great way to spend an afternoon and dive into Italian cooking.

7. Evening Walk Along the Arno River

In the evening, take a stroll by the Arno River. The way the city lights reflect off the water is pretty magical. Walk up to Ponte Vecchio, the old bridge with all the jewelry shops. It’s a classic Florence moment, and if you’re thinking of popping the question, it’s hard to think of a better place.

8. Opera Night at St. Mark’s English Church

To end one of your nights, how about opera at St. Mark’s? It’s intimate, and the acoustics are amazing. Start with an aperitivo at a nearby bar — Aperol Spritz is the way to go. Then enjoy the opera. It’s an awesome mix of culture, music, and that classic Italian flair.

winter in florence

Beyond Florence: 5 Tuscan Towns for a Romantic Getaway


This city of Siena is known for its stunning Piazza del Campo and beautiful Cathedral. It’s less crowded than Florence and can offer a more intimate experience.

For a romantic meal, find a cozy trattoria and try the local pici pasta. Don’t miss a visit to the Siena Cathedral, where you can marvel at its intricate design and climb up to the panoramic viewpoint.

unesco sites siena
Siena Cathedral


Lucca is perfect for couples who love exploring on foot or by bike. Rent bikes and ride atop the city walls for a unique perspective of the town and its surroundings.

The Piazza dell’Anfiteatro is a must-visit for its charming circular layout. Enjoy a quiet evening at a cafe here, soaking in the ambiance of this historic spot.


Montepulciano is, above all else, famous for its Vino Nobile. Plus, the town’s hilltop setting offers stunning views of the Tuscan countryside.

Spend an afternoon wine tasting at one of the local vineyards. Many offer guided tours that conclude with a sampling of their best wines — the perfect setting for a romantic afternoon.


Pienza, a small town in the Val d’Orcia, is a UNESCO World Heritage site. It’s known for its Renaissance architecture and stunning views of the Tuscan hills.

Wander through the streets and try the famous Pecorino cheese. The town’s romantic atmosphere is enhanced by its stunning architecture and panoramic terraces overlooking the valley.


San Gimignano offers a cool romantic and historical ambiance. Walk through its streets and enjoy a gelato in the central square, Piazza della Cisterna. For a panoramic view, visit a few of its surviving towers. The town’s small size makes it perfect for a leisurely, romantic exploration.

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