The votes are in. Here are the best places to visit in Tuscany in 2018. Destinations that linger in the memory long after you’ve left. Places with picture book scenery, ancient hilltop towns, great events and relaxing retreats in the midst of nature. From the wine-lovers hotspot Radda in Chianti to the ancient Volterra, from great beaches to hot springs, here are our favourite favourites.

The best places to visit in Tuscany in 2018

Radda in Chianti – A Chianti town for all seasons

Skyscanner recently listed Radda amongst the 10 most attractive small towns in Italy to visit. Blessed with an enchanting location, surrounded by the famous Chianti vineyards that in every season offer us a natural spectacle of colours and smells and give us one of the world’s best red wines, Radda in Chianti is one of the aces up Tuscany’s sleeve. Visit in Spring when the town gets lively with the “Radda nel bicchiere” wine festival, in the Summer when the the vines are in full growth, or in autumn when the landscapes are awash with magical autumnal hues and the new wine is being prepared. This is the place to get a real taste of the bella vita.

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Volterra – An historic hill town and modern film set

Volterra is a gem in Tuscany’s already richly decorated crown. Its long and fascinating history makes the town feel like an open air museum. It has one of the most handsome medieval town halls in Tuscany, the Palazzo dei Priori from which the more famous Palazzo Vecchio in Florence was copied. It has a famous Etruscan museum, the Museo Guarnacci, which is fascinating if a bit ramshackle in its organisation. It has great views, narrow atmospheric lanes and it’s dotted with alabaster workshops.In case you needed another reason to come, it boasts the remains of a Roman theatre. Fans of the Medici TV series will be interested to know it served as a location during the filming of the second season.

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Florence – See Leonardo Codex at the Uffizi

We can’t leave Florence behind, can we? Florence is always a top destination, but this year if you’re visiting in autumn you’re in for a treat. In occasion of the imminent 500th anniversary of Leonardo da Vinci’s death, a great exposition – “Leonardo da Vinci’s Codex Leicester. Water as a Microscope of Nature” – will be held at the Uffizi from 29th October 2018 to 20th January 2019, where visitors could poke inside an original Leonardo’s manuscript, the Codex Leicester. It’ll be temporary lend to Florence from his current owner Bill Gates. A priceless object, one of these mythical thing that find space in mystery novels and adventurous plot. The work of a genius, one of the greatest of all time. Can you really afford to miss it?

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Val d’Orcia – Explore the dreamlike landscapes of Tuscany

An all-time favourite with artists and romantic souls, Val D’Orcia has the kind of idyllic views that end up on postcards. Definitely one of the best places to visit in Tuscany in 2018. Spending a week strolling around the stone villages that dot the Val d’Orcia while admiring its peaceful views is a great balm for the soul. Take your time, don’t rush. Embrace the spirit of the place and its soothing beauty. Choose a secluded agriturismo framed by cypresses, far form cities and sightseeing. The sights are all around you, with moving sunsets, the golden fields, delightful small towns like San Quirico d’Orcia, Buoconvento, Pienza or Montichiello. Bring your camera, pack a paint brush, or just let your eyes fill up with beauty.

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Mount Argentario – A secluded mountain in the Mediterranean sea.

We fell in love with the Monte Argentario in the Maremma region in southern Tuscany. And we think everybody should see it once in a lifetime, especially beach life lovers. If you’re planning a beach holiday there’s no better place in Tuscany to enjoy a holiday surrounded by the lapping waters of the Mediterranean, the long sandy Feniglia beach, its pine groves and the enchanting Orbetello Lagoon. Here you can devote yourself to art of relaxing, breathing in the salty air, eating freshly caught fish, walking along the beach and discovering little lovely fishing ports like Porto Ercole.

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Saturnia – Tuscany’s favourite hot spring

Hot springs are a hot topic in 2018. Who loves the idea of soaking their bones in healing mineral-rich waters to rinse away all their tiredness and stress? Tuscany has some of the best spas in Italy, starting with the Saturnia hot spring, natural swimming pools of warm sulphurous water, in southern Tuscany. Get ready for the hot water rushing down onto the rock pools, the sulphuric smell and the feeling of having your aches and stress washed away. Don’t expect any facilities though, as this is a natural and totally free spa. It’s just you and nature. Best to visit out of season as it can get pretty crowded during the summer.

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Saturnia hot spring

Lucca – the city of many events

Find your favourite event and discover one of Tuscany’s loveliest and friendliest towns, Lucca. It’s a lively place too. In April there’s the Santa Zita flower festival, in July they have the rock Summer festival, the light-filled “Volto Santo” festival in September, and Lucca Comics & Games at the end of October. There’s an antique market every third weekend of the month, and Puccini concerts every day in the Basilica San Giovanni (puccini e le sua lucca link). While in Lucca, you’ll appreciate the slow pace of life, the lovely squares and the rich artistic atmosphere.

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PISA – Discover a different side of Pisa

Pisa deserves more attention than it gets. The Square of Miracles is the biggest drawcard, and it’s a remarkable sight indeed . But there’s more to Pisa than the Leaning Tower and this year it’s time for you to explore the city historical centre, the beautiful riverside lungarni, the fascinating churches like Santa Maria della Spina, and the delightfully ornate Piazza dei Cavalieri. Follow our itinerary to discover all the surprises Pisa has offers the curious traveller.

This is our selection of the best places to visit in Tuscany in 2018. If you need more suggestions for your trip, have a look at our itineraries in different areas of Tuscany. Buon viaggio!