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Tuscany, a land of mesmerising landscapes and rich cultural heritage, beckons college students to explore its wonders without breaking the bank. Here we unveil a treasure trove of budget-friendly outdoor adventures, ensuring an unforgettable Tuscan experience.

Going on outdoor trips is a must for college students who want to get away from the stress of school. Along with its beautiful scenery and rich cultural history, Tuscany is a great place for people looking for cheap vacations. Come with us as we reveal the ways to have unforgettable adventures without spending a lot of money.

Budget-friendly Outdoor Adventures for College Students in Tuscany

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Thrilling Trails in the Apuan Alps

Let’s start our outdoor Tuscan adventures by exploring the Apuan Alps, which are located in northern Tuscany, not far from the coast. There are many hiking and climbing trails in the Apuan Alps, that lead to breathtaking panoramic views. From Monte Forato to Pania della Croce, these tracks are good for people of all hiking skill levels. Get your boots and backpack ready for a trip through lush woods, ancient hamlets and wonderful views that will take your breath away.

hiking in tuscany
A view of the Apuan Alps, northern Tuscany

Cycling Through Chianti’s Hills, a Symphony of Vineyards

For eco-friendly travellers, the Chianti wine region in Tuscany is a great place to go cycling. As you pedal through a landscape of endless vineyards, you’ll feel the rhythmic balance between nature and farming. The winding roads lead to picturesque small towns, like Radda in Chianti or Montefioralle, where you can enjoy the famous wines produced in this area without spending a lot of money.

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Chianti view

Sunset Serenity at Saturnia’s Thermal Springs

Enjoying the natural beauty of Saturnia’s thermal hot spring is a way to get away from it all. Witness how these relaxing pools turn into a peaceful haven as the sun goes down. Soak in the warm water – the temperature is around 37 degrees Celsius – and just enjoy the total relaxation. This will help you forget about the stress of school.

The natural hot spring Cascate del Mulino are located in Southern Tuscany, and they’re completely free to enter. The nearest town is Saturnia, that’s a few minute drive away from the thermal natural pools.

Cascate del Mulino, Saturnia Natural Spa in Tuscany

Local Cuisine Adventures in Florence’s Markets

People who love the outdoors will love Tuscany, and people who love food will love it too. Go to one of Florence’s busy food markets, like the Mercato Centrale or the Sant’Ambrogio Market, to try some local treats without spending a lot of money. With their flavoursome cured meat, traditional cheeses like pecorino and newly baked bread, these markets are a treat for the senses.

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Seaside Bliss in the Maremma Region

Maremma, in Southern Tuscany, has some beautiful beaches that aren’t crowded with tourists for people who want to get away from it all. For a day in nature, enjoying unspoilt beaches and clear water, head to the Uccellina Natural Park, or explore the Sterpaia beach with 8 kilometres of sand and dunes. You can enjoy a day of sun, sea, and peace without spending a lot of money if you bring lunch.

Cultural Quest in Pisa Beyond the Leaning Tower

As famous as the Leaning Tower is, Pisa is a city with many other interesting things to see. Explore the beautiful Knights’ Square and learn more about the University of Pisa’s long past, walk along the river Arno to take in the view, and go in search of the colourful murals of street artists like Keith Haring and Kobra. These culture gems are a cheaper alternative to the more well-known tourist spots.

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santa maria della spina church pisa
Pisa, Lungarno

In Brief

With its varied scenery and cultural treasures, Tuscany encourages college students to go off the beaten track and try new experiences. From trails in the mountains to getaways on the coast, this region has a wide range of budget-friendly outdoor activities for students, that are just ready to be discovered. Bring your sense of adventure with you and enjoy the beauty of Tuscany without breaking the bank.

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