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Tuscan food is praised all over the world for its quality and variety. Centuries of tradition are poured into every single product and recipe, along with the skills and passion that Italian food producers, wine makers and chefs are known for.

There are the famous wines and olive oils born on the hills of the Chianti and Montalcino, the prestigious Chianina cow breed beloved of food critics, and of course the Tuscan white and black truffles whose unique aroma is in great demand the world over. From the starter of ‘crostini toscani’ to the almond-based cantuccini biscuits served with the traditional amber-coloured Vin Santo dessert wine, the Tuscan menu is a feast of flavours and scents.

Passione Toscana – A passion for the flavours of Tuscany

For anyone who is passionate about Tuscan food, the name Passione Toscana will be music to the ears. A specialist online delicatessen, Passione Toscana captures the essence of this Tuscan culinary passion and shares it with the world. Offering customers the chance to have these unique flavours of Tuscany delivered straight to their door. And table.


The founders of Passione Toscana, helped by local sommeliers and chefs, have  travelled the length and breadth of the region to choose the best producers and a wide variety of top-quality food and wines. This way customers can discover authentic Tuscan flavours and order them direct from their site with a single click. Not sure what you’re after? You can also browse their step-by-step recipes to get some inspiration.

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Bringing the tastes of Tuscany to the world

Love the idea of a truffle-themed dinner? Easy. You can choose from a variety of mouthwatering sauces, creams, truffle butter and olive oil infused with the aromas of truffles harvested in the Tuscan woods.

Or you might want to try one of the typical Tuscan sauces like Agliata, rich in garlic, or a meat ragout made with the local Chianina meat or the richly flavoured wild boar.

These sauces marry well with the organic pasta produced by the monks of the Siloe Monastery on the slopes of Mount Amiata. These products really embrace the meaning of the word ‘traditional’, made with ancient wheat or spelt, and cultivated according to ancient methods of cultivation.

Browsing the pasta section, you’ll also find the intriguing Casarecce made with the prestigious Senatore Cappelli wheat, the king of Italian durum wheat; and Pici, the thick spaghetti typical of the Sienese area, which are perfect served with game meat sauce and paired with a glass of Tuscan full-bodied red wine. 

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From iconic wines to unforgettable olive oils

Of course, no respectable Tuscan meal would be complete without a generous serving of the locally produced wine, that perfectly complements the taste of the dishes.

Passione Toscana offers a range of iconic Tuscan wines: from the famed Chianti Classico, made in the historic wine region between Florence and Siena, to the velvety Montepulciano Vino Nobile, made from Sangiovese and other local grapes that grow on the hills surrounding this famous hilltop town. => Browse their selection of great wines!

You could choose one of the excellent Brunello di Montalcino Riservas, aged in oak barrels for three years, or discover one of the Maremma’s top red wines –  the Morellino di Scansano DOCG – which is increasingly attracting the attention of wine critics. You’ll also find the much talked-about Bolgheri wines, produced on the coastal hills with different varieties of grape, to create a more ‘experimental’ variety of Tuscan wines.

To help you create a truly authentic Tuscan meal, you can also order locally sourced rice, organic jams and ingredients like vinegar, extra-virgin olive oil and powdered chilli pepper.

Olive oil is taken as seriously as you’d expect in a land devoted to its production since Etruscan times. Each year in November the olive harvest keeps local producers busy, and nowadays the range of oil available has grown to include those flavoured with lemons, basil, pepper that make a perfect accompaniment for salads or grilled meat.

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Locally sourced and lovingly made

The producers showcased in Passione Toscana share a love for their land, respect for culinary traditions, and a unique set of skills that have enabled them to rediscover ancient flavours.

There is more than one way to enjoy these delicacies. You can follow your nose and shop for one or more products. Or you can register and have a box of ingredients, sauces and pairing wines delivered to your door once a month, complete with easy-to-follow recipes. And as they now ship internationally, it doesn’t matter where in the world your door is.

Passione Toscana is a portal to everything that is delicious about Tuscany, and the perfect way to bring authentic Tuscan atmosphere and tastes into your kitchen.

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Photos courtesy of Passione Toscana. Lovefromtuscany.com is an affiliate partner of Passione Toscana.