Discover the peaks and valleys of Tuscany’s most beautiful mountains. Hike in the marble rich Apuan Alps. Explore the lush green valleys of northern Tuscany. Walk through the Chianti vineyards, or the ancient woods of the Casentino Forests National Park.

If you are giddy about mountains, a holiday spent hiking in Tuscany won’t disappoint. It has a range of great possibilities for hiking and mountain walking. The landscapes vary from dramatic cliffs to wide verdant plains, with hidden waterfalls and clumps of thick forest. Dotted throughout are ancient stone hamlets and once mighty castles. There’s no lack of things to discover while hiking in Tuscany.

Best places for hiking in Tuscany

Hiking in the Apuan Alps – Northern Tuscany

Snow-white marble, deep abysses and harsh beauty. This is beauty of the Apuan Alps. The main points of interests for hikers are the Monte Forato ring route, the views over the coast, and the cave systems of Antro del Corchia.

hiking in tuscany
Apuan Alps, Marble caves and sea view

The Apuan mountain range in northern Tuscany is famous worldwide. Not just for its rugged good looks, but also the quality of the marble that comes from its many quarries. This marble, that glistens like snow when seen from a distance has been used for centuries in precious monuments and statues, among them Michelangelo’s David. Some of the quarries can be visited, and that in itself is a uniquely Tuscan experience.

The mountains themselves consist of jagged karst peaks and deep valleys. Rising up from the small coastal plain in Versilia, they reach almost 2.000 meters at the highest point on Mount Pisanino.

Find out more about the Apuan Alps and the town of Colonnata.

Explore the Chianti hills

The Chianti is one of Tuscany’s most scenic regions. Here you can walk through lush vineyards and olive groves, enjoying the peaceful landscape made famous by countless pictures. Hiking is a great way to explore the Chianti hills and its many delights.

With this Tuscany Hiking Tour in the Chianti region, led by an expert environmental guide, you’ll visit an organic olive oil mill and enjoy a visit to a small winery. During the 5-mile (8-km) hike you’ll be learning about this fascinating region and taste some of its food and wine.

chianti road trip
Chianti landscape – photo @tassilo111 on pixabay

Discover the mountainous Lunigiana

Lunigiana in northern Tuscany is a mountainous and hilly region dominated by the northern range of the Apennine mountains and the marble-topped Apuan Alps. Parts of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennine National Park and the Apuan Alps Park fall within Lunigiana. The terrain makes the area ideal for outdoor sports such as hiking and cycling.

It’s a place of fresh air, vivid colours and unforgettable meals. The area prides itself in on its cooking and some of the most famous Tuscan dishes can be found on their menus. There’s plenty of accommodation and eateries around to enjoy after the strain of a day’s exercise.

The valleys of the Garfagnana

The Garfagnana is a great place to go hiking in Tuscany. Set in the province of Lucca, it’s a mountainous, densely wooded area lying between the Northern Apennines in the north-east and the Apuan Alps to the west. The main towns of interest are Castelnuovo di Garfagnana and Barga. It’s a mysterious but peaceful place full of lakes, that offers lots of opportunities for walking and cycling. Be sure to visit the Wind cave and Verrucole Castle.

garfagnana italy
Vagli di Sotto, Garfagnana

Foreste Casentinesi National Park – Eastern Tuscany

The province of Arezzo in Eastern Tuscany is home to one of the most colourful forests in all of Italy. It’s a genuinely impressive place. Both for the diversity of its trees, and for the fact it has been so well protected.

There are lots of mountain trails that cater for different abilities, from the foothills at 400m to the highest peaks of Monte Falco (1.658m) and  Mount Falterona (1.654m). There are thick ancient forests, waterfalls, and its colours  are spectacular in Autumn.

hiking in tuscany

We can recommend a visit to Badia Prataglia, and the monasteries of Camaldoli and La Verna in the Casentino area. Truly special places where nature and spirituality meet.

=> Check out the most spectacular stages of the pilgrims’ route Via Francigena in Tuscany.

barga tuscany
Barga, in the Garfagnana

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