Recently we took delivery of a food box from Passione Toscana, a group of passionate foodies who handpick and deliver a range of the finest Tuscan food and wine products all over the world.

Tuscany is famous for its passion for food of course, and Passione Toscana fully embraces the culinary tradition of this region. On the Passione Toscana website you find a delicious selection of Tuscan products, from mouthwatering antipasti to hearty sauces, artisanal pasta, jams, traditional sweets, wines and olive oil. And they now also offer a range of cheese and cured meats from Tuscan producers too.

Opening up a delivery from Passione Toscana is a bit of an experience. Because inside every perfectly packed box are some truly delicious Tuscan food and wines. So much so, it’s hard to know what to try first. After some deliberation, we went for the meat based Ragù. A sauce that makes a perfect addition to the artisanal pici, the thick spaghetti made from ‘senator cappelli’, an ancient wheat praised for its extraordinary nutritional qualities. The pici also marry well with the Sugo all’ Aglione, a typical spicy garlic sauce made with Aglione from the Val di Chiana, a ‘giant’ garlic whose taste is intriguingly delicate.

passione toscana

No discussion about food in Tuscany would be complete without a mention of pecorino, the traditional cheese made from the milk of sheep bred in the pastures of Maremma and Val d’Orcia. Cheesemaking is one of Tuscany’s traditional excellences, and the cheese selection of Passione Toscana includes a variety of organically produced pecorino, made by local producers that follow ancient methods. Try the semi-stagionato if you like fresher, milkier cheese and the stagionato if you aged prefer a taste that’s more decisive and strong.

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Now that autumn has arrived, chestnuts have begun to make an appearance on Tuscan tables. And Tuscany is famous for its production of marroni – a variety of chestnuts which are chunky and flavourful. The chestnut cream is excellent on toasted bread, and also very good with ice cream, yoghurt or cheese.

The jams are a real treat too. We enjoyed the Wild Blackberry jam, a flavour very typical in the Tuscan tradition. The blackberries are harvested in the Mediterranean maquis, and processed with vacuum technology to preserve their natural flavours. It tastes amazing on toasted Tuscan bread, and makes a perfect match for a caffellatte in the morning.

Then there are the Cantuccini. The quintessential Tuscan biscuits, a symbol of conviviality, something to offer at the end of a meal with a small glass of the golden Vinsanto, the typical sweet wine of the region. We were able to try some cantuccini ‘with a twist’ by Bonci, with chocolate chips added to the traditional almonds. The verdict? We couldn’t get enough of them. Superlative.

As you’d expect, Passione Toscana offer their customers a great range of pasta and rice. From ancient wheat to egg tagliatelle and truffle pici, and the delicious arborio rice cultivated in Maremma with absolutely no preservatives, following ancient methods. To get a few ideas on what risotto to make with this delicious rice, check out their Recipes page on the Youtube Channel :

And last, but certainly not least, the wine. Browse the wine and spirit section of the website and you’ll find everything your palate desires, from Chianti Classico to Bolgheri. Not to mention the elegant Brunello di Montalcino, one of Tuscany’s best loved red wines, produced from Sangiovese grapes grown on the scenic hills surrounding the hilltop town of Montalcino. Ah, and don’t forget to try Vinsanto, the beloved Tuscan dessert wine, that fills your mouth with a delicious sweetness.

Authentic ingredients, ancient recipes and traditional cooking methods are all treasured parts of the Tuscan food experience, and with every product by Passione Toscana you’ll be transported to a real Tuscan kitchen. On their website you can learn about the producers they work with and delve into the history of Tuscan culinary tradition. As for the ordering process itself: speedy delivery, attention to detail and excellent customer service. In short, the best way to get Tuscany delivered to your door. is an affiliate partner of Passione Toscana.