If you’re off to Italy this summer, here’s a quick list of things we think you can’t do without. Absolute essentials that experienced travellers in Italy always make sure they have.

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What should be on your packing list for a Summer trip to Italy


Italy can get very hot in summer. Temps can reach 35 – 40 degrees in July and August (95-104 F), which means you’ll need to reach for your sun hat and sunglasses.

It’s good to pack functional clothing that works well in the heat and will keep you comfortable all day. Opt for breathable fabrics over acrylic to stay cool at all times.

A pair of light, LOOSE FITTING TROUSERS are a must. You’ll be wearing them a lot so go for something comfortable that’s easy to accessorise with. TAILORED SHORTS that can be worn in the city (leave the gym shorts at home). Breathable COTTON T-SHIRTS.

A Summer packing list for Italy should include a LIGHT SCARF. And for women, a comfortable SUMMER DRESS is always a good option for sightseeing or going out. Bring a LIGHT JACKET for the evening, and depending on the temperatures, you might want to layer it with a light SWEATER.

When you go the beach, you’re going to be in the sun all day. It’s good to have something that’s light but big enough to wrap around you. A SARONG is a great option at the beach or poolside because it can give you a bit of protection, and it looks decent when you go the the beach bar to get a gelato.

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A hat is an absolute essential in your summer packing list for Italy. Go for something in a light colour with a peak to keep the sun out of your eyes. Or if you want to look like a local take a peek at a Cappello di paglia (check out this straw hat from Amazon) that is a staple of Italian headgear.

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Footwear. Always essential, and when you’re in Italy. You’ll need a light pair of SANDALS that is easy to pack and easy to wear. These Keen sandals are some of the most comfortable of their kind. Sure you want to wear something a bit more chic when you are going out for an aperitivo, but for walking around in the heat all day you need something light, comfortable and above all breathable. Also for women, remember that high heels are a problem with cobbled streets!

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Whether you’re heading for the beach, or just sightseeing in the city, we recommend packing some serious UV protection, minimum factor 50. (Your skin will thank you later.) Personally, I have sensitive skin, and the La Roche suncream products have always worked well for me.


Sunglasses are essential at any time of day in Italy, and an absolute must if you are driving. You’ll be wearing them a lot, so go for something that are light and comfortable, with decent lenses that provide good UVA and UVB protection.


It’s not just you that needs protection in the summer. Best to wrap up your valuable phone or tablet in something that protects it from water and sand. Or being dropped on the floor of a train station.


We know no-one wants to hear this, before they go on holiday to Italy, but in certain areas mosquitoes can be a problem. If you’re staying at an agriturismo in the countryside and enjoying your favourite book in the sun, you can expect to have a few winged visitors. Take a bit of mosquito repellant before you go to make sure they stay away.


We love draw string backpacks. They are super light so you can carry them all day. It’s easy to carry. And easy to take thing sin and out easily. They’re safe too. And the best part is, they are totally on trend.


In the heat of the day, you need to stay hydrated. Bottles of water can be expensive in major cities, so we recommend bringing your own water bottle with you and filling it up yourself. We like the insulated ones so the water stays colder longer.


There can be nothing worse than losing important documents or your credit card when you’re on holiday. Like everywhere else in the world, there are pickpockets about especially in the crowded spots in bigger cities. A travel wallet is a great way to keep all your important stuff in one place that’s easily accessible. A travel belt has the added advantage of being able to be worn underneath your clothes.

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