There are plenty of things to do in September in Tuscany. The summer is coming to an end, the temperatures aren’t as scorching and Tuscany is getting ready for autumn and the new wines. The light is softer and the atmosphere relaxing. Could this be the perfect time to visit Tuscany?

Vendemmia – Try your hand at the grape harvest

The countryside is busy with one of the most important harvests of the year, the vendemmia, or grape harvest. The vineyards that have been soaking up the sun all summer long are heavy with perfumed grapes, ready to get turned into Tuscany’s famous wines. You’re likely to see local farmers or contadini in action in the countryside, their carts filled with the fruits of the year’s labour.

You can take part in the grape harvest, which despite being hard work is one of the most pleasant jobs in the countryside. Some farmhouses organise packages to teach people about the vines, the plant cultivation and wine production process. Check out this Grape Harvest Experience in a small winery on the Chianti hills.

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Things to do in Tuscany in September- Traditional Festivals and fairs


If September is the sacred month of the vendemmia, what better way to celebrate it by attending a wine festival? Greve in Chianti hosts the Chianti Classico Expo (8th-12th September 2022). A great opportunity to taste plenty of delicious wine and take part in one of Tuscany’s most loved events, with music, guided tours of cellars and… Wine, wine, wine.

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greve in chianti
Greve in Chianti
By VelvetOwn work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link


In Florence, on the 7th September evening, the Rificolona Festival returns. This popular paper lantern festival lights up Florence’s city centre every year. Kids love it, and it makes an awesome spectacle. Hundred of paper lanterns, of all shapes and forms are carried around on sticks. The parade from Piazza Signoria starts at around 8.30pm, goes through Piazza Duomo and arrives in Piazza SS. Annunziata at around 9.30 pm.

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Rificolona Festival in Florence
Di I, Sailko, CC BY-SA 3.0, Collegamento


Lucca hosts one of the most spectacular religious festivals on the 13th September evening, the Luminara di Santa Croce. It’s dedicated to the famous Medieval crucifix known as the Volto Santo. A banner depicting Lucca’s famous wooden crucifix is carried though the city followed by a long procession, while the whole city centre is magically illuminated by hundreds of candles.  It all starts at the Basilica San Frediano at 8pm, before arriving at the Cathedral for the benediction. There are fireworks too from 11:30pm.

During September, Lucca plays host to various different markets and events, in the so-called “Settembre lucchese”.

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On the first Sunday in September, Arezzo is the setting for the spectacular Giostra del Saracino, a Medieval jousting tournament in the beautiful Piazza Grande. For the occasion, Arezzo gets dressed up in Medieval costumes, showing the colours of the different contrade. The parade starts at 3pm in Piazza Duomo from where it reaches Piazza Grande. The joust itself begins 5pm.


Every year on the second Sunday of September, the small town of San Sepolcro (in the province of Arezzo) hosts the Palio della Balestra, a crossbow competition between San Sepolcro and Gubbio. Many events enliven the town: parade in historic costumes, a Renaissance-inspired market, and various shows including concerts and flag throwing exhibition.


Something for the sweet tooth? Head to Montalcino. On the weekend of the 9th-11th September 2022, this scenic Tuscan town hosts the “Settimana del miele”, a festival dedicated to honey. Local producers of this sublime nectar show their goods in the ancient fortress that dominates the town. Here you’ll be able to taste the sweet delicacy and learn about honey production. (stalls are open from 9am to 8pm)

Montalcino Fortress

Hit the tranquil beaches

September on the Tuscan coast means balmy temperature, gorgeous light and less crowds. It is an extremely pleasant time to spend at the beach. The coastal towns are quieting down, as many Italians head back to the cities. Seaside towns at the tail end of the season offer less action but definitely more relaxation.

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The Joust of the Saracen, Arezzo

By Immagini dell’ Archivio Istituzione Giostra del Saracino del Comune di Arezzo – sent by Paolo Borgogni, Archivio e Comunicazione, Area Turismo – Comune di Arezzo through OTRS #2007092810005691, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link