The best wine gifts, don’t have to be the most expensive wine gifts. In fact, with a little patience you can find some very handy and beautifully designed accessories for under $40 that any wine lover would want.

And we should know. In Tuscany wine is a part of everyday life. And we speak from experience when we say these classic gifts will feel at home with whatever you are drinking – whether it’s cheap and cheerful table wine or a stylish Supertuscan. From the electric bottle opener to the elegant decanter, and a guide to choosing the world’s best wines, it’s all here. Cheers!

Best wine gifts


Sure you could just use a normal corkscrew, but this electric bottle opener make’s the whole process a lot easier. And more fun too. Get it for the wine snob in your life and if you’re in luck, they might try it out on a bottle of vintage Chianti

best wine gifts

Electric bottle opener


Now then, a wine lover would be lost without a place to store his or her beloved wine. But when space is of the essence, what they really need is an expandable wine rack. Yes there is such a thing. Made from high-tensile wire and plastic, it folds out and locks into place light enough to fit in a fridge. Convenient and space-saving, and it looks cool too.

best wine gifts

Expandable Wine Rack


Wine needs to breathe, especially the full-bodied reds. So the bottle needs to be opened an hour before and poured into a decanter to aerate it. Which kind you use is up to you, but we love the sleek shape of this decanter. It cuts a fine figure on the table, and it’s unusual design makes pouring that much easier.

best wine gifts



For the travelling wine lover, this modern accessory will aerate your wine perfectly and make pouring a cinch. It allows exactly the right amount of oxygen into the chamber to aerate the wine, and it makes for drip-less pouring so you can keep that white table cloth stain free. The perfect accessory for the wine-loving traveller.

Easy Guide to Tuscan red wines.


Get some wine glasses from the company that makes them for professional sommeliers. Bormioli is one of the most famous glassware brands in Italy, making them the perfect way to sample la Dolce Vita. Elegant, laser cut and made from Star Glass, these 18 ounce glasses come in a set of 4 and are dishwasher safe. A thoughtful gift for a true wine lover.

best wine gifts

Sommelier’s Wine Glasses


There are lots of books about wine, but this one has it all. The author Karen MacNeil tasted over 10,000 wines from all over the world to prepare this authoritative book. It’s full of facts, anecdotes and glossaries. Well explained and a joy to read. So much so that Danny Meyer calls it “The most informative and entertaining book I’ve ever seen on the subject”.

best wine gifts

The “Wine Bible”


This is a brilliant gift that puts fun into storing corks from all those favourite bottles of wine that are drunk but not forgotten. A metal monogram cork holder . Just choose the initial of your wine lover’s name and you’re all set.

best wine gifts

Ampersand cork holder


Cover yourself in the heady scent of Merlot, or any other wine that takes your fancy. This wine soap is good for the skin as it’s phthalate-free. A perfect stocking filler for someone who can’t get enough of the grape.

best wine gifts

Wine soap