If you’re travelling to Tuscany and you’re looking for some fun things to do, you’re in the right place. Here we explore experiences that are unique to Tuscany, so that you can get a real feel for the place. And enjoy more than an ordinary holiday. Get ready for a full immersion in Tuscan thrills and fun. From natural spas to culinary special treats and a few alternative ways to explore the towns and hills.

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12 Unique and Fun Activities to do in Tuscany

1. Soak your bones in a Tuscan spa

Saturnia and Bagni di San Filippo are two (completely free!) natural spas in southern Tuscany. When the high season is over, and the temperatures cool down, what could be better than driving the winding Tuscan roads to find these little paradises of hot sulphuric waters and soothing views?

fun and unique activities to do in tuscany

2. Enter the otherwordly Carrara Quarries on the Apuan Alps

Leave the ordinary world behind and enter a universe of shining mountain tops, marble dust and winding roads to reach the quarries where Michelangelo used to come to choose marble for his creations. The Apuan Alps are a land of hard work, art and craftsmanship, that offers fascinating landscapes and views. A place that reveals another side of Tuscany and offers top activities in a truly unusual setting.

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hiking in tuscany
A view from the Apuan Alps

3. Food seasonal festivals

Follow the locals to a sagra, one of the food festivals that bring scents and flavours to every small town and village in Tuscany throughout the year. A Truffle Festival maybe? You can join the acclaimed San Miniato White Truffle Festival (that takes place every year over the last three weekends in November), or the San Giovanni d’Asso Truffle Fair in the beautiful setting of the Crete Senesi (second and third weekend in November, see official site). If you’re a fan of chestnuts, check out the best chestnut festivals in Tuscany. There’s a variety of food festivals for every season and occasion: from wild boar to bistecca, frittelle to tortelli, you’ll always find something to satisfy your palate.

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Tuscan Truffles

4. Drive a Vespa around the Tuscan hills

Would you like to experience the Tuscan landscape aboard an iconic Vespa? Hop inside a Vespa and drive through the enchanting Tuscan landscapes. With this TUSCAN HILLS VESPA TOUR you’ll see historic vineyards, villas and olive groves while your guide shares insight into local history and culture. Definitely one of the most unique and fun activities you can enjoy in Tuscany.

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5. Pizza & Gelato Cooking Class near Florence

Learn to make two of Italy’s signature dishes: pizza and gelato. A unique culinary experience on a Tuscan estate on the outskirts of Florence => Join a fun hands-on cooking lesson that culminates in a 3-course feast of appetisers, pizza, and gelato, accompanied by wine and beer. Plus, you’ll get a recipe booklet to practice your newly found skills.

6. Visit a Medieval Castle

When it comes to ancient castles, in Tuscany you’re spoilt for choice. Castle Poppi in the Casentino area is one of the most attractive castles in Tuscany, with its beautiful courtyard and staircase that brings you upstairs to secret old rooms. Or you can spend a night at the Malaspina Fosdinovo castle (with ghost included!), while at Brolio Castle in the Chianti area you can walk the garden and admire the imposing castle that dominates the valley. To learn a bit of history, visit Lari Castle, where you can visit the ancient, spooky prisons.

fun and unique activities in tuscany
Brolio Castle in the Chianti region

7. Wine tasting in Montalcino or Chianti

Wine tasting in Tuscany is a real experience. From the quality of the wines – including the Chianti Classico, the noble wine of Montepulciano and the luxurious Brunello di Montalcino – to the beautiful setting and the infinite variety of wine estates. You can choose ancient cellars, or a more modern wine tasting experience like the one offered at Cantine Antinori, where stylish contemporary architecture goes hand in hand with the natural landscape. Apart from tasting the delicious nectar, you’ll learn about Tuscan wine production, ageing methods, grape varieties, and everything about this tradition that has been a part of Tuscan life for centuries.

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8. Walk in the footsteps of the Medici in Florence

Florence wouldn’t look the way it does today if it hadn’t been for the Medici family. This family started life as merchants and went on to become one of the most wealthy successful bankers in Europe in the 14th-15th century. They ruled Florence for 300 years and their legacy is seen at every corner of its historic centre. From their art collections in the Uffizi and Pitti Palace, to the beautiful churches embellished thanks to their money, like San Lorenzo (their “local” church) and the Medici Chapels. You can learn about their history and legacy in the Renaissance and Medici Walking Tour, a fascinating way to explore Florence.

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florence art museums

9. Join the locals for an aperitivo in one of the most beautiful squares in Tuscany

The Aperitivo is part of Italian life. At around 6-7pm people start gathering at the local bar, or favourite enoteca, for pre-dinner snacks and a drink. The famed cocktail, Negroni, was famously born in Florence. But if that’s not your speed, you could opt for an Americano, a Spritz a Bellini, or countless other creations.

Then there’s the setting. Italian squares seem to be the perfect places to soak in the view together with your drink. Like the unique atmosphere of Piazza del Campo in Siena, or Piazza Anfiteatro in Lucca, not to mention the elegant Piazza Signoria or Piazza della Repubblica in Florence. These are experiences to savour with all your senses.

10. Ballooning over the Tuscan countryside

Hop in a hot air balloon and experience uninterrupted views of the Tuscan countryside. It’s Tuscany as you’ve never seen it. Romantic and a little bit adventurous too. This popular Hot Air Ballon Experience departs from the lovely town of San Casciano. It’s one of the truly unique and fun activities to do in Tuscany!

chianti region italy

11. Get in touch with your spiritual side at La Verna Sanctuary

La Verna Sanctuary, perched on a rocky outcrop on Mount La Verna in the Casentino area, is a unique sight, an isolated spot where Saint Francis used to come to connect with nature. Since then, the monastery has grown but the peaceful atmosphere is the same that first attracted the saint. In Autumn the foliage colours of the forest all around the sanctuary makes it even more special.

12. Walk the Via Francigena

Take a hike in the footsteps of the ancient pilgrims along the Via Francigena. In Tuscany, it passes through the mountainous areas of the Lunigiana, down to lovely Pietrasanta and Lucca and crosses the scenic Crete Senesi. Choose your landscape and get your hiking boots on. => Detailed info on the official site.

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