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If you’re visiting Florence this year, these are some of the top art exhibitions you can see in Florence in 2023. Here you’ll find everything from contemporary artists to a Renaissance influencer.

Best Art Exhibits in Florence in 2023

“REACHING FOR THE STARS” – Palazzo Strozzi (from 4th March to 18th June 2023)

From 4th March 2023 Palazzo Strozzi – one of the top venues when it comes to contemporary art in Florence – hosts the exhibition Reaching for the Stars. This much awaited exhibit showcases major works by leading international contemporary artists. A few names? Maurizio Cattelan, Sarah Lucas, Damien Hirst, Lara Favaretto, Cindy Sherman, Josh Kline, Lynette Yiadom-Boakye, Rudolf Stingel.

The elegant Renaissance spaces of Palazzo Strozzi are the perfect setting to explore the recent trends in art. Showing a selection of painting, sculpture, installation and video, the exhibition offers visitors a journey of discovery among the great stars of global art in recent years while also taking a look at the work of the younger generations.

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Palazzo Strozzi, Image by giovanni sighele, Wikipedia

“SEMINARIUM” – MARINO MARINI MUSEUM , until 20th March 2023

Until 20th March 2023 the Marino Marini Museum offers, for the first time in Italy, the exhibit “Seminarium” by Danish Jesper Just (Copenhagen, 1974), who was among the protagonists of the 55° Venice Biennale.

An exploration of the (tortured) relationship between man and nature. You’ll be transported to a world of sound, lights and shadows. In front of each screen, plants grow from water contained in luminescence vases, a symbol of the delicate balance between progress and sustainability.

Take this opportunity to visit the fantastic Marini Museum in Florence, a fabulous space housing emotive works by this Pistoia-born contemporary artist => same ticket for the exhibit and the museum – See official site.

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art exhibit in florence 2023
Marino Marini Museum – Image by @lovefromtuscany

“ELEONORA DI TOLEDO” – Palazzo Pitti, from 7th February to 14th May

The most important exhibit dedicated to Eleonora di Toledo is on in Palazzo Pitti. “The great Lady of 1500 – la “Gran signora del Cinquecento”. More than 100 works, including paintings, jewels, arazzi, drawings and costumes are on show, providing a revealing look at the wife of Cosimo I de’ Medici. Discover her personality, taste, and find out more about the impact she had on Florence’s cultural life in the 16th century.

This Spanish noble woman married Cosimo de’ Medici, Grand Duke of Florence, in 1539, when she was only 17 years old. She was regent of Florence when the husband was away, and was the real founder of the Boboli Garden. An icon of style and beauty, and an real influencer of the Renaissance.

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Portrait of Eleonora di Toledo – by Bronzino (1543)

“ESCHER” at the Innocenti Museum, Florence – until 7th May 2023

There’s still a few weeks to see the wonderful world of Escher at the Innocenti Museum in Florence, one of the top art exhibitions to see in Florence in 2023.

One of Florence‘s iconic buildings, the Spedale degli Innocenti in Piazza S.S. Annunziata, hosts an extensive expo dedicated to Dutch-born artist M.C. Escher. His ingenious woodcuts and lithographs show the nature – and all the limits – of our perception, and are so famous they have become part of the collective imagination. Implausible geometries, infinite repetitions, staircases and globes that change shape before our very eyes, his black and white forms are an endless source of fascination and curiosity.

=> With the same ticket (16 Euro) you can visit the fascinating Spedale Innocenti Museum, dedicated to the institution of the Innocenti, or ‘innocents’, a hospital-orphanage where orphans and indigent children were taken in and raised.

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Escher at the Innocenti Museum

GUIDO FERRONI at Palazzo Pitti – Art of 1900 in Tuscany (April to 16th July 2023)

The first exhibition dedicated to Guido Ferroni, member of the “Novecento Toscano” group. Artworks, drawings, photographs and objects that belonged to the artist. Born in Siena in 1888, Ferroni joined the “Novecento toscano” group, that formed in Florence in 1927. The selection of works highlights different phases of his art: from the Impressionist early works, Futurist influences, and his modern interpretation of Tuscan Renaissance tradition through Metaphysical style. See more info on the official site.

YAN PEI-MING at Palazzo Strozzi (from 7th July to 3rd September 2023)

Yan Pei-Ming, Painting Histories – The Franco-Chinese artist is famous for his passionate and original research of the relationship between image and reality. In his work he explores the connections between his personal life and our collective history, combining history and contemporaneity, famous artworks, public figures and intimate subjects in his monumental canvases.

LUCIO FONTANA at Museo Novecento (2nd March – 13th September 2023)

Lucio Fontana is a renowned Italian painter, sculptor and theorist of Argentine birth, mostly known as the founder of Spatialism. His work reflects upon the origin of the Universe, and the relationship between creation of life and art creation. In this exhibition “L’origine du monde” his drawings and sculptures investigate his profound interest in the beginning of Life on earth and the universe.

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Wang Guangyi at Pitti Palace (6th September – 10th December 2023)

Pitti Palace hosts 28 works by the famous Chinese artist Wang Guangyi, some of which have never been exhibited in the West. The exhibition “Obscured Existences” is a step-by-step journey through four distinct cycles, which investigate what really lies behind the rituality of everyday gestures and the use of the most common objects. The artist also reflects on how one persone’s culture of origin influences the perception of art.

Anish Kapoor at Palazzo Strozzi (7th October 2023 – 4th February 2024)

Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi presents Anish Kapoor. “Untrue Unreal“, a major exhibition of the British-Indian celebrated artist who has revolutionised the notion of sculpture in contemporary art. The exhibit features monumental installations, and thought-provoking forms that forge a captivating dialogue between the art of Anish Kapoor and the architecture and audience of Renaissance palace Palazzo Strozzi.

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