From classical to contemporary art, famous galleries and beautifully curated venues, Florence offers a range of art exhibits throughout the year.

Here we explore the best art exhibits in Florence in 2024: classical statues at the Uffizi Gallery, Art Nouveau at the Innocenti Museum and contemporary artists’ exhibitions at Palazzo Strozzi and Museo Novecento.

LAST UPDATE: February 2024

Top Art Exhibits in Florence in 2024

PALAZZO VECCHIO – Giovanni Stradano | until 18th February 2024

Palazzo Vecchio commemorates the eclectic Flemish artist Jan Van der Straet (known as Giovanni Stradano) who was active in Florence in the 16th century. He worked extensively for the Medici family, collaborating with Giorgio Vasari for the decoration of Palazzo Vecchio, with paintings, tapestries and decorative panels. Titled ‘The Strangest and Most Beautiful Inventions in the World’, the exhibit showcases a selection of 80 paintings, drawings, prints, books, tapestries from this inventive multi- talented artist, who made Florence his home.

INNOCENTI MUSEUM – Alphonse Mucha | until 7th April 2024

The father of Art Nouveau, Alphonse Mucha, is at the Innocenti Museum in Florence until 7th April 2024. With his iconic images and famed advertising posters, this Czech illustrator and painter created a new style of communication. He drew his inspiration from the natural world and Slavic tradition, and his women with flowing hair and sinuous decorative details of plants and flowers have become eternal symbols of his style.

top art exhibits in florence in 2024

UFFIZI- Masterpieces of Classical Sculpture | 12th Dec 2023 – 30th June 2024

‘Divina Simulacra. Masterpieces of Classical Sculpture from the Uffizi Gallery’ is on at the Uffizi Gallery from 12th December 2023 to 30th June 2024. A unique occasion to admire the Uffizi collection of ancient Roman and Greek statues close-up – including the celebrated Medici Venus usually guarded in the Tribuna – and appreciate all their details and life-like quality. The statues, that are usually spread out in different rooms of the historic gallery, are now reunited in the Uffizi’s ground floor rooms, where visitors can admire them in all their beauty. For classical art lovers, surely one of the top art exhibits in Florence in 2024.

Highlights of the Uffizi Exhibition: the Medici Venus, the Wrestlers, the Dancing satyr reunited with the Nymph to recompose the group of the ‘Invitation to Dance’, one of the masterpieces of Hellenistic statuary.

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Uffizi Gallery, the Tribuna

PALAZZO STROZZI – Anselm Kiefer | 22nd March – 21st July 2024

Palazzo Strozzi hosts “Fallen Angels”, a major exhibition dedicated to German painter and sculptor Anselm Kiefer. Renowned for his impactful works that addresses controversial themes and taboo of recent history – notably the war and Nazi regime – Kiefer presents some of his historical and new artworks at Palazzo Strozzi, engaging an interesting dialogue with Renaissance architecture.

MUSEO NOVECENTO – Nathaniel Mary Quinn | until 11th March 2024

Chicago-born artist Quinn is known for his collage-style portraits and disfigured faces. “Split Face” is his first monographic exhibition in Italy and presents a selection of his paintings. His style recalls the great masters of the 20th century, like Picasso or Francis Bacon, in the way he reinterprets the human figure and challenges the viewer with unsettling compositions.

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MUSEO NOVECENTO – Alessandra Ferrini | 17th February – 28th April 2024

“Unsettling Genealogies” is the title of the solo exhibition dedicated to Italian, London-based contemporary artist Alessandra Ferrini. A multifaceted project, a critical investigation into the history of Italian cultural institutions, and their links to colonialism.

PALAZZO MEDICI-RICCARDI – Roberto Innocenti | 22nd February – 26th May 2024

“I get lost when dealing with words; images are my world”, it’s the motto of Italian illustrator Roberto Innocenti received the Hans Christian Andersen Award – the most prestigious international award for authors and illustrators of children’s book – in 2008. This year Medici Riccardi Palace hosts an exhibit dedicated to his work.

PALAZZO STROZZI – Helen Frankenthaler | 27th September 2024 – 26th January 2025

Palazzo Strozzi presents the poetic abstractions of one of the most significant American artists of the twentieth century, in “Helen Frankenthaler: Painting without Rules“. Her work spans across six decades, from the 50ies onwards. The exhibit underlines her contribution to abstract expressionist painting, her innovative techniques and use of colours, and shows Helen Frankenthaler’s artistic affinities with select works by some of her contemporaries, including  Morris Louis, Jackson Pollock, Mark Rothko.

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