March is here. Winter is coming to a close, and as we leave the heavy coats at home and start enjoying longer hours of daylight, Florence welcomes Spring.

What is Florence like in March? Is it cold in March? Well, while it’s still not really warm (16 C max – 60 F, 5 C – 41 F min. average), March is a good time to visit Florence. You might get cheaper rates (as the high season hasn’t started yet), and find fewer crowds. During the day you can sit at outdoor tables comfortably, even if it’s probably not warm enough to have dinner outside.

Here’s a roundup of things to do in March in Florence. From a centuries-old traditional festival, to walking tours and seasonal treats.

Florence in March – What to do in Florence in March

Celebrate the ‘Capodanno Fiorentino’

If you’re in Florence on the 25th March, you’ll come across a parade in historic costume, with flags and city banners. The parade celebrates a very special ‘Capodanno’, the Start of the New Year in Florentine style.

What is the ‘Capodanno Fiorentino’? Until the 16th century, the New Year used to start on the 25th of March in Italy and Europe. Even after Pope Gregory XIII changed the calendar in 1582, moving the beginning of the year to the 1st of January, some cities in Tuscany ignored him, and kept using the previous calendar. The 25th March had, and still has, a special significance for Florence. It’s the date of the Christian Annunciation, and coincides with the start of Spring.

To celebrate the Capodanno Fiorentino, follow the parade that starts at 4pm at Palagio di Parte Guelfa and arrives at Piazza SS. Annunziata around 5pm. Here it pays homage to the effigy of the Madonna. In Pisa, the other ‘rebel’ city, the historical parade takes place in the morning in the Cathedral Square.

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When did Florence capitulate and finally change its calendar? There’s a marble inscription under the Loggia dei Lanzi, in Piazza Signoria, that reminds that Ferdinando III di Lorena, Gran Duke of Tuscany, in 1749 imposed the change of the official date for the start of the new year to the 1st of January.

See the “Allegory of Spring” at the Uffizi – Spring-themed art in Florence

We’ve seen how Florence, the ‘city of flowers’, has a special connection with the Spring season, and the day of the ‘Annunciation’, that represents the victory of Christ- bearer of light over the dark time of Winter. So why not pay homage to some works of art that are very dear to this city?

You can start at the Uffizi, admiring how Botticelli gave life to a magically graceful “Allegory of Spring”, and then see Da Vinci’s early work “Annunciation”. You can then pay homage to one of the most famous frescoes in Florence, the “Annunciation” by Beato Angelico , that you find at the San Marco Convent Museum.

=> On occasion of Women’s Day, on the 8th March, most of the Museums in Florence will be free for women. Some organise women-themed guided visits.

famous paintings in florence
Allegory of Spring” by Botticelli, Uffizi Gallery, Florence

Enjoy Florence’s Parks and Gardens

Temperatures in March are perfect for enjoying long walks around the city. You can follow the river Arno, walk the length and breadth of the Cascine Park, (every Tuesday morning there’s a market), discover the fountains and statues at Boboli Gardens or check if some flowers have bloomed at the Bardini Garden.

You can also join this fun and informative Best of Florence Guided Tour around the historic centre, a great way to learn about Florence’s history and curious facts.

Insider’s Tip => We love to climb ‘le Rampe‘ to get to Piazzale Michelangelo. This panoramic walk takes you – past Renaissance staircases and fountains – from Niccolò Tower to the popular lookout of Piazzale Michelangelo, where a magnificent view of the city awaits.

florence in march
Image by darrenquigley32 from Pixabay

Follow in Dante’s Footsteps in Florence

Italy declared the 25th March “Dante Alighieri’s Day”, a day to celebrate the Father of Italian Language, author of the Divine Comedy. So if you’re in Florence around this date, it might be interesting to visit of some of the places that have a connection to the great poet, born in Florence in 1296.

You can start from Dante’s Statue in Piazza Santa Croce, and check out the Church where he met his muse Beatrice => See our Dante Walking Itinerary in Florence.

things to do in florence in 2020

Try some Traditional Tuscan Treats

If you enter one of Florence’s many pasticcerie, throughout February and March, you find some delicious sweet treats, the Tuscan frittelle. These sweet fritters made with rice and sprinkled with sugar, are traditional during the Carnival season and Saint Joseph’s Day, the 19th March – that’s when we celebrate Father’s Day in Italy. Try a few, you won’t be disappointed!

Frittelle di riso, traditional Tuscan fritters

Day Trip from Florence – March events near Florence

San Miniato, the Medieval hilltop town 40 kms. from Florence, is a hot spot for truffles. On the 5th March at the San Domenico Church, you’ll find a truffle fair, with the local tartufai talking enthusiastically about their prize finds.

If you’d like to see where Truffle grow and Experience the thrill of a Truffle Hunt, you can join one of the Truffe Hunts in Tuscany, organised by local expert tartufai (and their dogs!).

Food lovers should also consider the Frittelle Festival in Montefioralle – usually on the 3rd weekend in March (from 10am to 6pm), date for 2024 haven’t been confirmed at the time of writing – in the small hamlet of Montefioralle you’ll find frittelle at every corner, plus more street food to enjoy. A good occasion to walk around the picturesque stone streets of Montefioralle, located just above Greve in Chianti.

Around the Chianti, you can also visit wineries, taste Chianti wine and see the new vineyards starting to grow.

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Florence in March Weather

The average temperature is between 16 degrees C (60 F) and 5 degrees C (41 F). During the day if it’s sunny it can feel pretty warm, but in the evening the temperature drops, so you will need a heavy jacket. March usually gets a fair amount of rain. Weather can be very changeable. Towards the end of March temperatures rise a bit. Sun rises at 6:30am, and goes down at around 6pm.

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Last Update: February 2024