March is here. Winter is coming to a close, and as we start enjoying longer hours of daylight and see some colours in the countryside, Tuscany gets ready for Spring.

Is Tuscany nice in March? Is it warm in March? We get often asked these questions. While it’s still not really warm (16 C max – 60 F, 5 C – 41 F min. average), March is a good time to visit Tuscany. You get cheaper rates (as the high season is not started yet), and find fewer people in hot tourist spots like Florence and Pisa. And there plenty of things to do in March in Tuscany: you can enjoy some great food festivals and colourful traditional events.

Tuscany in March – Things to do in Tuscany in March, Events and traditions

Florence and Pisa celebrate the New Year on 25th March

Once upon a time the New Year used to start on the 25th of March in Tuscany (this is the date of the Christian Annunciation). Even after the official start of the year was moved to the 1st January, as per the Gregorian calendar, some cities like Florence and Pisa carried on celebrating their own First Day of the Year on this date.

And still today on the 25th March, if you happen to walk around the historic centres of Pisa and Florence, you’ll see a parade in historic costume, flags and city banners that celebrate their very own ‘Capodanno’. In Florence the parade starts at 4pm at Palagio di Parte Guelfa and arrives at Piazza SS. Annunziata around 5pm to pay homage to the effigy of the Madonna. In Pisa the historical parade takes place in the morning in the Cathedral Square.

=> And, of course, if you’re in Florence for the start of Spring, don’t miss to pay a visit to the most famous Primavera of all: “Allegory of spring” by Botticelli at the Uffizi Gallery.

Lucca loves its flowers – the Villa of the Camellias

There’s a very special place near Lucca, Villa Reale Marlia. An historic Villa that was once home to the Dukes of Tuscia, and later became the residence of the sister of Napoleone. Elisa Bonaparte restructured the building and the splendid garden, following the trend of English gardens, traditionally much more colourful than the Italianate-style garden. And today the Villa and its Park welcome the visitors with a splendid parade of plants and flowers. Above all, the azaleas and the prized camellias, that flower in March and give a fantastic spectacle.

If you visit the Villa, base yourself in Lucca, explore the top attractions of this lively town and take a stroll on Lucca’s massive ramparts. Usually between the end of March and beginning of April there’s a flower and garden exposition on Lucca city walls. This year is on from the 5th to 7th April 2024.

And, still on the subject of flowers, of course you’ll see plenty of mimosa flowers being sold everywhere around the 8th March, for Women’s Day (Festa della Donna).

San Gimignano – Santa Fina 12th March

San Gimignano every March 12th celebrates Saint Fina, a young girl who is one of the town’s patron saints. There’s a market in the Piazza del Duomo.

Visit the interior of San Gimignano Cathedral to admire the chapel dedicated to her, frescoed by Ghirlandaio. The frescoes tell the story of how St. Gregory appeared and foretold the exact day (his feast day, March 12) on which Fina would die. He wasn’t wrong. Fina expired right on schedule and began working miracles immediately: causing the bells of the cathedral to toll spontaneously, and yellow violets to grow out of her pallet.

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picturesque villages tuscany
San Gimignano – Image by Mariamichelle on pixabay

Pitigliano – Torciata San Giuseppe 19th March

Pagan rites in one of Tuscany’s most scenic hilltop towns. To salute Winter and welcome spring with open arms, every year on the 19th March, Pitigliano (St. Joseph’s day) organises a traditional festival. It involves the burning of a massive hay puppet (L’invernacciu) that symbolises Winter. A group of forty men, wearing hoods and holding burning sticks leave from the Via Cava di San Giuseppe and arrive in Pitigliano’s main square. Pagan, atmospheric and fascinating.

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southern tuscany
Pitigliano, southern Tuscany

Tuscany in March – Culinary treats

Truffle Fair in San Giovanni Asso

The Crete Senesi are renowned for their scenic country views and truffles. Every year the small town of San Giovanni d’Asso organises the Truffle Festival, dedicated to the ‘tartufo marzuolo’, the variety of truffle that grows in March => See official site for more info. This year is on the 23th and 24th March 2024.

More truffles in San Miniato

Another hot spot for truffles in Tuscany is the lovely hilltop town of San Miniato. On the 5th March at the San Domenico Church, you’ll find a truffle fair, with the local tartufai talking enthusiastically about their prize finds.

If you’d like to see where Truffle grow and Experience the thrill of a Truffle Hunt, you can join one of the Truffe Hunts in Tuscany, organised by local expert tartufai (and their dogs!).


Montefioralle – 19th March Frittelle Fritters Festival

To end on a sweet note, you should head to Montefioralle if you want to try some amazing Tuscan traditional treats: frittelle. Sweet fritters (usually made with rice, but also with semolina) are one of the Italian Carnival sweets, that are also usually linked to Saint Joseph Day, 19th of March (Dad’s day).

On the 3rd weekend in March (from 10am to 6pm) in the small hamlet of Montefioralle you’ll find frittelle at every corner, plus more street food to enjoy. A good occasion to walk around the picturesque stone streets of Montefioralle. – Please note that DATES for 2024 haven’t been confirmed at time of writing.

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We are at the heart of the Chianti region, just above Greve in Chianti. So you should also try some of the famous red wines that come from this area, and visit one of the local wineries.

small towns in the chianti
Montefioralle, Chianti region

Weather in March in Tuscany

There’s a saying in Italy, “marzo pazzo“, that means the weather can be pretty ‘mad’ in March. During March the weather in Tuscany can be very changeable, with cold wind and rainfalls one day followed by perfectly blue skies and milder temperatures the following day. Average temperatures are between 5 degrees C (41 F) and 16 C (60 F). March can be quite rainy, with the occasional snowfall on the mountains.

By the end of March days are starting to get longer and the temperature is mild and pleasant during the day (reaching 18°- 20ºC max), with the occasional shower. The trees are in blossom and the countryside is alive with birds and activity. It’s still not warm enough for dining out (in the evening the temperatures go down) but during the day if it’s sunny you can definitely sit outside to enjoy a drink.

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