The 2nd May 2019 marks the 500th anniversary of the death of Leonardo da Vinci, and all around Italy they’re celebrating this genius with a variety of exhibitions, conferences and events. Here’s a list of the most important ones, from his hometown Vinci, to Florence and Milan where the artist lived and worked for many years.

Leonardo da Vinci events in Tuscany


Let’s start in Vinci, the hilltop town in central Tuscany where Leonardo was born in 1452. Here you can explore the fascinating Museo Leonardiano dedicated to his many-sided inventions and the house he was born in.

From 15th April to 15th October 2019, the Museo Leonardiano puts on a series of events and itineraries dedicated to its most famous son, showing official documents related to his birth and a detailed study of his early drawing “Paesaggio”. You can buy tickets for the museum in advance, and there’s a detailed program on the official website.

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vinci italy
A view of Vinci, Leonardo’s hometown


In Florence you can take in some of Leonardo’s early artwork at the Uffizi, including the extraordinary “Adoration of the Magi‘, displayed in the recently refurbished Sala Leonardo.

This year Palazzo Strozzi in Florence dedicates a great exhibit to Da Vinci’s master, Verrocchio, a Renaissance sculptor and painter that taught some famous artists like young Leonardo, Ghirlandaio and Perugino. From 9th March to 9th July 2019 you can delve into the fascinating world of Renaissance Florence in this first retrospective ever devoted to Verrocchio, while exploring the early years of Leonardo di Vinci’s career.

“Adoration of the Magi” by Leonardo da Vinci – Uffizi Gallery

If you visit Palazzo Vecchio (Sala dei Gigli) in Florence from 29th March to 24th June 2019, you’ll have the chance to admire 12 drawings of the master from the legendary Codice Atlantico.

From 3rd september – 15th dicembre 2019 the Santa Maria Novella Complex hosts the exhibition Leonardo da Vinci e La Botanica.

In Prato, half an hour from Florence, the Museo del Tessuto is the setting for “Leonardo e il Tessuto: l’ingegno nelle macchine tessili” where you can learn how Leonardo applied his ingenuity to textile making machines.

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This year there’s one more reason to visit the delightful Medieval hilltop town of Anghiari, in the province of Arezzo.

The Museo della Battaglia di Anghiari hosts – from 1st September 2019 to 12th January 2020 – an exhibit entirely dedicated to the lost fresco of Leonardo that originally decorated the Hall of 500 in the Palazzo Vecchio in Florence. It’s also an opportunity to explore the complex 15th century political setting in Italy.

piazza signoria florence
Palazzo Vecchio, Florence – photo @kirkdnmimi on pixabay

Where else to go to see Leonardo’s work in Italy


Milan this year dedicated many events to the eclectic genius of Leonardo, who lived and worked for the Grand Duke for a large part of his life. => See all Leonardo events in Milan 2nd May 2019 – 12 January 2020.

And of course, at the Santa Maria delle Grazie convent in Milan you can feast your eyes on the world-famous Last Supper fresco. Skip the line and secure a ticket by joining this popular Milan Walking Tour that includes the tickets to see the Last Supper.

While in the Museo della Scienza e Tecnologia in Milan you can see models of his machines that have been built from his designs.

leonardo da vinci
“The Last Supper” by Leonardo da Vinci – S. Maria delle Grazie, Milan


From 16th April to 14th July 2019 the Musei Reali in Turin will host an exhibit with 50 drawings of the master, including the studies of horses he made for the Sforza monument and his self portrait as an elderly man “Ritratto di Vecchio”.

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At the Pinacoteca Vaticana in Rome you can find one of Leonardo’s astonishing paintings, “Saint Jerome in the Wilderness”, which perfectly represents his mature style.

From 13th march to 30th June 2019 the Scuderie del Quirinale in Rome dedicates the exhibit “La scienza prima della scienza” to the Renaissance genius.